"The Only Fault" as written by and Rachael Amanda Yamagata....
If I could have one wish,
If I could have some say,
I'd keep you far from home.
I'd roll back both my sleeves,
Dig under your skin,
And fix your shattered bones.

Hold on, this may hurt you
When I tell you of the truth:
We don't get two lives to live.
It's true, the only fault I found in you
Is not being free to take what I would give.

If I could bend your pain
Into something good,
Make you a prouder man.
If I could rough you up
And save you with good luck
I'd show you hope again.

Hold on, we're not meant to suffer so very long
Even love that's gone has never been the same
Hang tight, the only fault you have tonight
Sitting down so cold 'til I break in.

Oh, sad young man, I think I need you
For reasons I don't know.
I pledge myself to winter season
So it's perfectly on course,
But in the end it has to snow.

If I can make you stay
Convince you you'd be lost
if we were torn apart,
If it remained unclear
Between the two of us
Which one would be the one
To break the other's heart.

Hold on, this will floor me.
Differently than any drug that's washed me into sleep.
It's true, the only fault I'll take from you
Is how to run from what you wish to keep.

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    General CommentGORGEOUS SONG! I think this song is about a clandestine affair that the singer is having with someone who is married or already in a relationship (probably married). I think the singer is really in love with the man she's seeing secretly and he is in love with her too but he can't bring himself to leave his wife/significant other. And I think that this is kind of talking about their last night together.
    alix2468on November 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWow, this song speaks to me A LOT. I think it's about the other person being unattainable/unavailable, but not necessarily marriage... just running from something good be it because of fear, or whatever, but still running.
    SageSoulon August 10, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti don't think it necessarily means about someone whose unavailable due to cheating...
    i think it could mean he just can't give her what she deserves. he can't give her everything she needs, and so he's pushing her away...creating walls, making himself and his feelings unavailable to her.
    the relationship could very well be falling apart, and this is her way of wanting to "dig into him, bend his pain, and turn him into something good"...something what she deserves. she loves him. she doesn't want to let him go yet. she knows he should leave and it would be the best for the two of them...but she wants to "convince him to stay", but she knows, deep down, if they were to stay together, eventually they'd be "torn apart" due to one of them breaking eachother's heart somehow.

    he runs from something he wishes to keep. he wants her, but know he doesn't deserve her and is letting her go.
    whattuhxbarbieon August 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree it is a gorgeous song. I love the melody and the beautiful rawness of it. I would say I agree more with the last two interpretations of the song- specifically the last one because it went into detail.

    Perhaps it's one of those songs where depending on what situation you find yourself- the meaning has room to bend.

    But none the less the song is most definitely a gorgeous one.
    BellaVidaMiaon May 01, 2010   Link

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