order! order! order!

Welcome to the meeting of the minds
Living Legends, Visionaries
man it's time
(introduction first) Lucky
my design gets traced out of state
at a place crews wish to run the path
but they lose, when the shoes don't fit
you can't force 'em
unique, every person on this track is a testament
to the crowds getting bashed
in fact, for lack of a better term
they better turn their shows up a knotch
when we all up in the spot
constant around the clock
to jock is not an issue
be glad we never dis you
be mad, they filling tissues with tears
of metiocracies, oddities, monopolies
controlling the scene with the topical teams

be a man in the middle of two mirrors reflecting
a legend w/ vision projection
like the center, I'm a Benihana
in fact, got something in common
Soulquarium to Compton's most wanted
Shahman's healing music
got 'em dealing music out of the trunk
on the global for all the young hopefuls
don't get it twisted
the mystic wouldn't miss this
for all the biscuits in grandmama's kitchen
this is a regular event onstage
the first session, no question,
affecting the airwaves
bomb show, end of day
the next in the wake of the dark state
and the arts sharper image
that glows in the darkest limits
stars infinite, scars replenish
missing link for the Darwinists
no one knows how large this is
parlor kids you never thought of hit the market...

Definitely on top of my game when I'm in firing range
like my last name was Bryant from the top of the key with buckets of change
don't wanna be different, but fuck it I'm strange
with luck it'll stay the same
unless you're willing to change around your stereo to ((surround))
pitching from the mound tonight is Eligh
115 mile per hour sound
fastball hound and all around maniac of the mind
play me back and you'll find that I'm laid back
but inclined to be grade A with the rhyme style
with patterns in rhymes of passion
lines are passing optical like bullet trains
pulling veins out the arm
redirecting the blood flow to the brain
man, I cut flows so insane
It's impossible to explain...

We're all in the same gang doing our own thing
rock shows, studios, promote, the whole shebang
self trained, self taught, self suffecient
we felt pain, stepped up, kept the mission
running with my Visionary brethren
the Legendary cousins got the underground buzzing
The hard heads still can't understand
why our crews got so many damn fans
standing with their arms crossed at shows
fans start to mosh, get popped in the nose
at shows you get what you deserve
you want the truth?
Step up and get served...

Sunspot's gonna rock the whole house down
Legends underground where the dope shit's found
away from mainstream clowns
who couldn't last a fuckin' round up against me
they couldn't last a fuckin' round against these MCs
you think you the man like Alicia Keys?
or do you have a God complex like Bruce Almighty?
then try me,
apply this free sample ass whooping nightly
to your whole crew tightly
I hold the mic like a wallet at a pick pocket convention, lightly
sleeping, anything can happen
we creeping in this hole heedin' deep in the light
freakin', trapped like a wild animal
as a eatin seaping wrath from my lips
like saliva from an unbeaten mountain cat
back to make a kill today
keeping the wack scared like giselles fearing attack
'cause they couldn't take the last sip from the main-stream (watch yo back!)

Backpackers of the world unite
Living Legends, Visionaries
live underground show tonight
if you're alive and you're feelin' alright
then you already know that West Coast HipHop's in control of the night
who do you play on a team of all starters?
true to the game MCs, lazerbeams, and raw martyrs
Aerlex, Superkill to Lizabeth word
2mex uses his skills to fill his breath
stalking the streets, talking the hip hop heat
rocking the beats to One-man, walk-man wop, and Swap meet
even got the sweaters in medium
letters reak of chronic and helium
hit a verse like you hit a 40 and then your worst fall
first to put 40 down on a fuckin' Murs doll!
Hip hop won't stop, because I thought so
peace to my favorite Legends Aesop and Bicasso! - word

Quit calling us the West Coast Wu-Tang
we just a click of MCs that rip shows and do thangs
who bang? Who ride? High side
provide you with a little bit, fresh off the griddle shit
best cats to fiddle wit' when the show is gettin' ripped
still tryin' to get a grip, go on! nittit, nittit, Shit!
ya'll is never gettin' with the heat that we spittin' with
Nolan Ryan fastball,
ya'll just some underhand softball, slow pitch
my balls; yo' bitch
there Murs go again, aw naw, oh shit!
Somebody shut him up. Fuck ya'll! That's what's up
on my medication, steady pacin' going nuts
What!? It's Visionaries, Living Legends throw it up
that's vatos locos somos pocos
pero my vocals make it sound like I'm 20 deep
in a league of my own just like NBA Streaks...

We are livin' the vision
projecting soul as mechanical musicians
looking for buttons to push, I'm voice activated
creating off of love not being aggrivated
fools saturate it but they still ate it
greed infatuated, more lands invaded
we keep it integral, we're not all over the place
we're general, led the blind
not as a fame attempt
felt the words go forth immediately went
ask me where I'm from I'll say my childhood
I leave meaning plus I'm always up to good...

I'm a Legendary, Visionary
not an heir, resist a very close
this my sanctuary, thank you very
post thank to barry
I'm most crankin'
songs so stankin' the claps slap like a spankin'
act like you thinking permanant
ranking and determined to be learning with me and confirming it
germinate the seed, de-vermin the great field
I'm out in to yield fresh crops sprouting now
at the base of the mountain, plow
we facing a drought, and a child needs water to grow
if there's no nutrients in your flow
soon as you get it out, we spit it out
show you the door
Oh, you know more nor less, just beat it
I never show up to a game uncleated
I just lead it, ready, came heated
and me, I'm undefeated
feed it to your folks 'cause they need it...

Inspirations whether negtative or positive
live and let live, let it out, it's all you
here to get you through
our Rhetmatically designed, high intel
who deal rhymatory to deep signs
hard times is spreading just like AIDS
Visionaries Living Legends read the mind of the age
brain-thought, can't stop, come together hip hop
no plots can read time, the pace of eternity
call it a gathering 'cause certainly the circles gotten bigger, it's a matter thing,hear the shatterings
high in the ladder, wings form a wishful flight
no sonar can track the Beat Junkies tonight
if you want the rush, here we are, how does it sound?
heavy foot the floor, leave more prints on the ground
Cali homegrown, naturally we vibe
as we takin' it to a further new worldwide

Dangerous potential like a loaded gun
held by the chosen one
I grab and hold this mic shining like the golden sun
aim at those who run this country like some swollen thumbs
so stiff, won't give up none, so we come in firing
lights camera action Rhettmatic beats my siren (woop, woop)
just dedicated to those who fill out attack like parapalegics
?? wheelchairs get stuck with they knees bent searching for rhyming, I'm all aligning
Legendary raps over Visionary tracks
handicapped listeners listen, here's the 4-1-1 on that
no wackness, pure fiction in my diction no acting just action packed we rollin down the map with raw raps...

(rhettmatic scratches)
**it's magic when the 8 splashes, so magical
**it's magic when the 8,8 splashes, all magical
**it's magic when the 8 splashes, spectacular
**it's magic when the 8* splashes!

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