Let's take some time to reflect and restart
We tip over three-wheeled shopping carts
A crippled man with his mangled hands
Looks at the blonde with her hideous, orange, fake tan
Decide, decide, decide
Who thinks that I, that I am out of line
For being sober finding four leaf clovers,
Lawn mowers, and truck towers
So lucky all of the time
Decide, decide, decide
I've got a mind and it's weighing me down
28 pounds, and lucky for me, so lucky for me
I'll never see that bitch again

So, I'll make a fist and rip the threads we've sewn
Since it's come to this, it feels like nobody's home
So my cover's blown, rip open the threads we've sewn [x2]

Nobody's home
Nobody's home
Well, I've lied with a fantastic picture I, well I've lied
We're going in new directions
Well, I've lied with a fantastic picture I, well I've lied
From sleeping away the century
Well, let's start from the beginning right now
I'd do that if you weren't so impatient
Well I'll stop you and give me the time of day
It's so sad, I've got no more lines to read

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Hot Water On Wool (Reprise) song meanings
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    General CommentMy favorite song on the new album : ]
    The guitar is absolutely a-fucking-mazing.

    I think it has many different points all thrown into one song.
    But it's mainly about losing someone you care about a lot in some kind of fight, probably regarding lying or cheating.
    Or someone getting mad because they feel that it's not fair that some people just seem to have all the luck in life.
    And also how we are all so insecure with ourselves inside and out because we're so afraid of how people ar going to view us.

    Idk, I'm just guessing.
    But that's what I got from it.

    Anyhow, AMAZING song.
    stephaniesometimeson October 11, 2008   Link
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    General Commenthot water on wool is one song that defines dance gavin dance its simply pure genius
    circafade777on August 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe reaction of hot water on wool is to make it shrink and become unraveled which makes sense with the lyrics and leads me to believe the song is about a love triangle and the games a girl played with his head in the course of their relationship

    The song is split into 2 parts the reprise is him getting over it while the first part is him obsessing over it.

    The entire first verse is about being surrounded by the people that remind him of the situation he's in and wishing he could hold on to the love he has while not being reminded of the downsides of his situation and how the dual nature of the situation inspires both love and hate both of which feel like flaws he is creating within himself

    Interaction, delayed reaction- he's interacting with the situation but fighting himself on the outcome
    I've got taxes and bills to pay- he wants to charge this girl for what shes doing to him so he can repay himself for the time hes lost on her and the love triangle
    somethings flapping its wings at me- shes teasing him with flirting as birds often flap wings to attract a mate
    someone's clapping, I guess were on tv- he can see that their situation is evident to all and feels mocked by the fact everyone can see what shes putting him through

    the part where he says "waiting to see if it comes to me or if its tied to a safethat is in the sea floor" is basically him saying he wants to see if she'll change her ways and be with him he also says"maybe i'll slep for a century" as in he loves her so much he'd wait a hundred years for her

    the part about the pressure point on his neck shows the pain he is being put through and the rest of this verse goes on to show his growing impatience and anger towards the situation with quotes like "my head will snap off and roll into the secret passage built for escorting the rapist to the victim" and "oh the boredom involved in patience"

    At the end of the song he refers to "ripping the threads weve sewn" meaning he's finally through with the whole game shes putting him through and how he now feels so alone and how he'll never forget what it means to be the receiving end of some girls sick twisted games

    i'll continue the rest of the explantion on the lyrics to the hot water on wool (reprise)

    lar1016on October 27, 2009   Link
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    General Commentabove was the meaning to part one now for the reprise portion

    the first section is him resetting all of his feelings towards the girl and seeing her for the fake and meaningless being that she is also there is a good amount of evidence that the cause for the falling out was a love triangle hidden in the lyrics for instance the three wheeled shopping carts the reference to a mangled man thats not himself and the decision to repeat the word decide 3 times

    then he goes back to the same lines in the first of the two parts of the whole song where he is getting over the fact that it can never be

    In the end it turns out she is the one wishing she hadnt lost him and now that the tables are turned he decides to switch the roles and finally demands of her to be patient forcing her to give him the time of day.
    lar1016on October 27, 2009   Link

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