"Starship" as written by and Thomas Jones Patrick Douthit....
I shoulda done things right looking back but 20/20 high insight
can't change the facts
too much pride probably broke tha back
of the camel, not the haystacks
we were so right together
up on the phone late nights just talking 'bout whatever,
yeah, that's what couples do
we were together before it was official
picnics, restaurants, movies then missin you
It hurts my heart so much
going these days without your touch
not seeing your smile
us breaking up - man that shit was wild
going back in time,
I'd change a few things now
'cause you was more important than trips to the mall
I could've passed on shooting ball for a day or two
so instead, you chose to pass on me
and since that day, Pooh has been free.
Until you come back...

You are my love, my love.
(...baby take me up tonight...)
(My Starship baby that's what you are)

Hey yo, I think back to the days when I first was pursuing you
it's funny what distance can do to you
it make a nigga reminisce more than usual,
back to the times when we were innocent
when we was young and free with crazy benefits
cutting class and skipping work and didn't give a shit
I miss those simple days, in a sense
waking up next to you made all my mornings more intimate
watching you sleep and breathe in & out
holding you close relieve any doubts
when all my dreams started withering
inside myself I was livin' in
selfish as fuck and not being half the man that I shoulda been
I'm sorry if I ever felt like a waste of time,
but now I'm thinking from a longer term state of mind
tell me your dreams love,
I'll make 'em mine
Yo I ain't frontin' girl
it's you I always stand behind
you takin' off now...
it's been so much
though we back to speaking
how you doin?how you been?
you look good, so do you,
so what's up this weekend?
let's hit the town, say for old times sake
I'll come get you girl, I won't be late
so whatchu gonna do?
Hey don't be late tonight
I ain't even tryin' to hate tonight
fuck watching TV
we going on a date tonight
dancing and Japanese steak tonight
so why don't you change into that
outfit I bought you
you know the one you got when you thought I ignore you
doing that sexy little salsa move I taught you
don't ever say I never did nothing for you,
I know how relationships can bore you
(or you)
can choose to chill from the nightlife
kick back and sky blues the night
me and you, no moves tonight
it's on you, baby, choose the night
you think I'm just trying to write songs
with my words I'm trying to right wrongs build a relationship that's like stone
80 years old
holding hands on the cyclone
with a career that is lifelong
showing you love when my mic's on
take me up baby

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