"Passive Restraints" as written by and Fallon/sult/maines/gaster....
My father was Black, my mother was Decker
Believe me my friend, it doesn't get any better
Than rack and pinion reasoning, add a little seasoning
Cook at ninety eight point six degrees
Let me be the bull, and you be the pen
Such an easy way to glorify sin
If I am a horse, you're a Venus in spurs
Everything I have is yours, so take it
I come fully loaded with an option to buy
I've got a stick shift disposition and a four wheel mind
I'll give you endless mileage and unlimited speed
Total satisfaction absolutely guaranteed
Turbo boost libido and passive restraints
And as of yet I haven't heard even a single complaint
I've got the tools of the trade and a fuel injected heart
Efficiency is beautiful, efficiency is art

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"Passive Restraints" as written by

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    My InterpretationIt's simply a "Let's fuck!" song using a variety of colorful metaphors as innuendo. What woman could refuse such a cunning linguist?
    cameronwg5on May 01, 2017   Link
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    My InterpretationThe singer is bragging that he's a fucking machine, probably to a female but "my friend" suggests that he's also alpha crowing to other guys present.

    "My father was Black, my mother was Decker" - this would make him a product of Black & Decker.

    "Rack and pinion reasoning" - his steering is sophisticated enough to roll around without sliding out

    "Cook at ninety eight point six degrees" = 98.6F degree is the average temperature inside a human mouth. He's telling her that sucking his cock will get him ready.

    "Let me be the bull, and you be the pen" - He'll rumble around forcefully inside her, again implying that he won't slip out of her 'pen'.

    "If I am a horse, you're a Venus in spurs" - He's inviting her to mount him and that he can handle all her sexual demands.

    "I've got a stick shift disposition and a four wheel mind" - He gets up to speed quickly and knows where to grip tightly for maximum traction.

    "I'll give you endless mileage and unlimited speed" and the rest of the lyrics are pretty obvious. He's bragging he can do it as long and as fast as she wants. "Passive restraints" refers to his sexual stamina. "Efficiency is beautiful, efficiency is art" means that his mechanical engineering is efficient and therefore beautiful.
    cameronwg5on May 01, 2017   Link
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    General Commentthe only restraint we have is what we create. filters in our mind or perhaps apathy, rules and regulations are restraints that can be bent only if we choose to bend them. in essence nothing confines us but us in life.
    jchvoidon April 30, 2009   Link

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