"Love Can't Wait" as written by and Daniel James Denton....
When the good shit fucks off
they leave me feeling lost
trying to cover costs
I shouldn't have to when I'm apt to
snap my last nerve in half
funny that it ever happens that way
money never lasts beyond a latte'
what did mom and dad say?
they had skepticism like it was a disease
but now I see they reas'
all my fees was paid to say he's now so and so,
look at him go
have them booking for a show
and it makes me think am I fooling me or am I someone
you can benefit from?
or am I acting like a dumb dumb?
It's a hard knock life, indecision
why did I mix my profession w/ religion?
and not just been a fan, shit
can you answer me?
don't you ever think this way?
I'm liable to make a day away in astonishment
why this feel like punishment?
I'm trying to bend feelings unsure of the 'upon descent'
maybe if I use people to climb matters
then I might be further along in my rhyme matters
big like Mathers, Marshall, or the Dr.
instead of trying to empty bread crumbs
from my proctor silec
maybe just a day is all I need
to put it all into perspective
till then I'ma plead
if it's all in my objective to make it, I will
but define the term and both the size of the hill...

Love Can't Wait, Love Can't Wait.....(aaaah)
Love Can't Wait, Love Can't Wait.....(aaaah)

To those who wait just forget about the good things
nothing's automatic, nevermind what your hood thinks
people will gas you, others just harass you & tell you
that you're stuck in the clouds, now I ask you
which side are you going to listen to anyway?
Your gut instincts or do you have your pennies saved?
Sure as fuck I don't, I'm really taking chances
at the same time I see my music take advances
it represents me beyond my daily words
and I don't even have to open my yap besides rap
tap my lit cigarette in the ash tray
tired of making calls to politics, it's passe'
When's cash day? My debts is hectic
heavier than metric tons, I can't accept it
don't be leading me on if you don't want the business
I'll keep it to me plus my listeners
sisters should be checking for it 'cause it's crucial
I love you all, I'm trying to make something fruitful
feed the underworld and aim for the over
without having to change from the same strange Moka.

Love Can't Wait, Love Can't Wait...
Love can't wait, let it out the gate y'all
Love Can't Wait, Love Can't Wait...

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