Wake up (9x)
Look where you are
It was a dream (4x)
It was a
It's so funny (2x)
It's so fun (9x)
Funny how far you are from where you've been

Spit up (9x)
Get out the taste of fermented speeches
Swallow it down (2x)
I know it burns
but when it burns it teaches

Seven o'clock (2x)
Get up, get up
Move, shower and shave
The shell of skin like extra limbs
Tucked in, tucked in, hide every trace
In your pleated pants
Baby (5x) -steps is all you can take
and awkwardly stumble forward

Tip of the tounge
Heated debate
Reflux, reflux
You can't stop it from comin' up
Words of the past taste like a meal
Simple ideals nutritionless as soda
And so falsely filling
they kept you sharp up to a point when they started dulling
And with everything blurring
Your tired eyes still miss the clarity

Skin is a shell
Shape of a child crawled out half way 'n hit the frozen wind
And breathed deeply
Fossil of youth
Blackening leaves
Dead weight, dead weight
Can't help but imaginin'
Crazy voice: Just sever it - it'd be so easy
it's inefficient and naive
Lettin' leech and feed off you
but you keep it there hidden
And hopefully stumble forward - with baby steps

When you swallow your words
You'll start speaking in tongues
It's both your will and theirs
That keeps filling your lungs
With the fumes that fuel illness and songs
You're a father and also a son

In a tower of steel
Or a bridge made of straws
Though the structure is real
And can act as a law
That exaggerates your deepest flaw
It could also be the shapes you draw
the, the architect of

Small Circles, maybe 10 feet, drawin'
Little tattooes on the people you meet, like those
Crazies who eat their placentas, you put your
Molted shell through an industrial juicer and
Gulp it down
Gulp it down
Gulp it down
Gulp it down with some pride son
It's the vanilla pipe dream extract
so bittersweet

With a mouthful of worms
There is protein enough
To last a few days
In the thickening rough
The surroundings that so hard to love
Are deceptively soft to your touch
If you conjure up a

Telekinetic burning heat
Your fingers a glowing neon pink
Your wilting an eye n' wincing wink
You get, get, you get learned when you get burned
Whether your pupils melt into black tears
And roll of your face
Or the structures incinerate
You'll see a New City
A New City
A New City
A New City

...when you swallow your words

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