Bathing in flames
The stink of burning flesh
I shit my trousers what did you expect
AHershey’s stream of pain peanuts and corn galore
Mr. Peanut Orville Redenbacher have declared a war
Ernie Keebler sucks the E.L. Fudge from my asshole
Dips Dunkaroos into the sludge
Pillsbury Doughboy sits between my cinnabuns
He pokes and prods and waits for Nestle Quick to come
Snap crackle pop inside my pants
I feel my Grapenuts start to do a little dance
Then I hear the words of my fate
Tony the Tiger screaming “They’re great”
Silly rabbit Trix are for kids
Now I’m being punished for being so selfish
If I could start again
I would eat my Wheaties like Michael Jordan
There’s a fantasy inside my ass
Familiar characters from my childhood past
This is not a bad acid trip this is Hell’s kitchen
La puta de Chiquita Banana corta su cabeza
The Chiquita banana bitch chops off your head
It’s crazy it’s bad it’s not good
The Twinkie cowboy steals the cream filling from my cock
The Jolly Green Giant smashes my balls like two peas in a pod
Oscar Mayer makes a bologna sandwich from the shriveled remains
And feeds it to the Devil Dogs
Charlie the Tuna with his Starkist tuna lid
Goes to cut my ass cheek gets the taint of my balls instead
The Hamburger Helper glove tugs and rips off my cock
Puts it in a box of Fruity Pebbles now a prize in Bedrock
Aunt Jemima pone siropa caliente encima de su bolso de bolas
Aunt Jemima puts hot syrup on your ball bag
I’m shitting a rainbow of color
La cocina del Diablo
Necesito un Pudding Pop en el culo
Viva por Telemundo
Necesito un Slush Puppy en los testiculos.

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