Overpopulation annihilation
If I had a gun I would have lots of fun
With the people that refused to hold the fucking door open for me
I would drop a nuclear bomb on the terrorists and the minivans
And take out all the soccer moms
We got the upper-class assholes saying abortion is shit
We got the deadbeat parents pumping out malnourished kids
We got the rapists and molesters costing us money
When I would step inside their cell and rip out their hearts for free
We got the prostitute and porn star pieces of shit
The married scumbag men who need to have that ring burned on their dick
You make me sick
I can’t live with your shit anymore
Attention K-Mart shoppers there’s a homicidal maniac in aisle three
Please remain calm
Please form a single file line
Please shut off your goddamn cell phones
Get up against the wall
Keep your fucking mouth shut
The hip hop music blasting from the car
While the moron pumps gas or hangs around in the store
Turn it off no one wants to hear that shit
I guess to be a true idiot you must be inconsiderate
We got the yuppies in the SUVs supporting the war
Cuz the ribbon says so plus they gave Wal-Mart two dollars more
We got the frat boy fuckheads talking shit at the bar
I’ll cut you open just to show you how fucking empty you are
You make me sick
I can’t live with your shit anymore
All week long take an additional twenty-five percent off all guns and ammo
As always no permit required
Get up against the wall
Please visit our customer service department
For assistance with shooting yourself in the fucking head
Get up against the wall
Keep your fucking mouth shut.

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Overpopulation Annihilation song meanings
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