Miles between you and I
lies the last place
I hung my heart..
poetically speaking, its never left
but I doubt anyone would have noticed.
Well anyone other than you
and the insects who I'm sure have grown fond of
the taste of my flesh and blood

Inside/outside, you embody
the greatest part of me
a part that I have been missing.
and lately I have been
distracted days on end
And I think this time its the weather speaking
But I sometimes see you in my dreams

held high, tight, closed and always,alone.

If I could only call out your name in my sleep
and hear the echo rattle inside my mind for days.
I'd let you know,
"I'm right here with you"
as sure the sun will always shine
as sure as the sun will always set.

Do you get the picture?
infinitely speaking.
I couldn't paint one, as vividly as the words
I sometimes can't remember.
Yet still manage to
dribble incoherently onto this piece of shit
I consider a canvas.

all I know is this year Summer came to soon
and so did you
so without any further adue
and well what I am speaking of,speaking of (well it resides in the dark)
don't know how else to put it
(other than,is simply to say) simply
that I love you.

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    General CommentMiles between you and I
    lies the place I hung my heart.

    I'm fairly sure 'hung' should be 'left'.

    callingallcreepson October 09, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaningthis song so describes my situation right now, damn..

    well anyways its obviously about a guy who spent his whole summer with a girl he really liked.
    and im assuming she left hence the
    "miles between you and i lies the last place I hung my heart."
    and the "all I know is this year Summer came to soon, and so did you"
    and he wants to let her know that he loves her.

    this songs deep, i love it.
    BreyanaBr00t4lon July 14, 2010   Link
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    ex boyfriend and i "shared this song" I guess you could say..and I just love it. I listen to it not because of him but because it brings back my memories of when i was happy and young and naive

    as sure as the sun will always shine, as sure as the sun will always set...<3
    RhondaJeanKellyon January 12, 2011   Link

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