oh. everybody in the place
ladies to the front, fellas to the back

Let's just keep this movin'...
it feels good. Oh.

It's '05, I'm still the man but
with less shit to talk about these days
I can't tell what direction that the world tryin' ta blow in
and to think I used to try to get you open, it's a lost cause (yeah)
so now whenever my pen hit the pad
it's really just a journal and I feel like my dad saying I'm too old for the partying and bullshit
but too young to be responsible, it's that oh shit. (oh shit)
poppin to the rock and another block
I ain't tryin' ta rip
I'm just tryin' ta talk and niggaz listen
as if it'd even make a difference and shit
bonafide music nerd who likes to stick it and split.
As far as Grams go, and Graham and girl
they don't even understand me so damn me world
I'm in my own space for real
an' I don't really give a shit about
making a connection or even being figured out
(uh, you don't stop, keep on)

Let's just keep this moving...

Why half the time I try to reach out to fools on some bid'ness niggas try to leach out
tryin' ta get this album dumped in a bitch
OhNo been the only one to handle this shit - so good looking out
look what's cooking now
I'm 'bout to flood the damn market with a crooked style
usually write my own beats but I needed a break
so here we go, and for your DJ
keep me in ya crate
Imma keep being the great
keep the beats as industrious
it comes down to a hand full
yeah it just be us
beat makin cats who also sing raps
you ain't catch me with the typical snare, clap, never that
no stock drums, just orbiting through
I could've bought a chain but I got an order to move
the numbers and the slumbers that you cats been in
my own man, I ain't chasing what's happening
for real, uh...

Lets just keep this movin'...
Lets just keep this movin'...heyhey.

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