Straight from the heart, that's how I write man
basic is smart and that's how I live
I wanna be that so I gotta say this now
it's part of me, calling me, follow me in

Watch watch watch watch what you ask for
you just just just might get it
You act act act like you want more
Grouch is that, yes he is

They say that it never rains in Southern California,
they lied, I'm in my studio painting
a lot of people died, the big wave came in
gotta love the life I lead and how it keeps changing
age and wisdom come together like a couple who love well
I bust another nut, then I buckle up my belt
If I could sell the world my story I wouldn't be broke
the world has got enough for all, go on and eat folks
but I don't mean meals that are square
I see myself greater than that, man I'm a player
and that's the old school clean kind of adolescent thinking you should know what I mean right there
instant vintage can you manage? I'm in it to break limits make 'em smile not a grimace, 12's woofing not 10 inch
thoughts endless, talk to build men it's all too relevant raw yet eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent.....

[HOOK] oooooh......

They say that people are stranger when you're a stranger, that's true, I'm out in cyberspace lurking
lotta people know I did to much perkin'
had to put the bottle down to keep on working
search and find who you are and then decide who you're gonna be
they don't go together-you'll forever just wanna be
If you could see the future right now you wouldn't be lost
but you could shape tomarrow today, that tip is free boss
I do mean without restraint, yup
I see this world as a canvas get the paint
and that's with candy flakes, not that Earl Shire
cheap coat, you try to comete with that, you can't
listen fella can you follow no yella' I rock hella
level-head don't swell up there's more good develops
thoughts endless talk to build men it's all too relevant, raw yet eloquent, eloquen, eloquent, eloquent....


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