I dreamed I went dancing,
In my maiden form... bra.
I held her so tight.

What am I doing in a maiden form bra anyway?
What am I doing in a maiden form bra anyway?
What am I doing with her?
What am I?

(Strange noise)
I'm covered with blood again.
Aww. I just ruined my new shoes.
Aww. Look at me now! All this, all this blood.
Aww not again.
What was I doing last night?
I just can't remember.
Now I've got all this blood all over me.

And I just did the laundry two days ago.
Hoah. Not again.
Man, seems like two, three times a week this happens.

I have to lay off that corn.
It starts to mess with my mind.
And, heh.
I guess I just lose control.
Aww, not again.
I wonder who it was this time. Hugheheheh.

I love it when the monster comes out.
Here he comes now!

I better clean this up before the cook gets home, or he's gonna be chewin' some ass like it was steak.
Help me here Bubba, will ya? Help me here.

Aww. Wait a minute, that's not blood!
Oh, oh yes it is. Heheheh.
Why don't your turn on the light, it is all red.
Well, it seems to still be warm.
I wonder why that is.
Oh sh, it's my blood!
Ay! They must have sent me back to the VA hospital with all this blood allover me.
Oh, not again. Aww.
I've been trying to go str-str-straight. That's it! I can hardly say the word.
Aww. Get me another pump on that jug Bubba. Hee hee hee hee hee.

Aww, look at all this blood.
It don't taste half bad.
Hey. Hey, that's mine!
Don't you know anything about sharing?
Now come on Bubba! It's my blood.

What do ya mean there's a body out in the lawn?
A body?
Well bring her on in. Heheheheh.
Wipe out.

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