[DJ Paul]
Lil' Wyte
Hypnotize Mindz
The One and Only, baby
We got dat candy 'round here
Paint drippin' wet 'round here
Fresh to death on them folks
E'retime them girls see us
They be like (They be like) (Oooo it's wet)"

[Hook] x2
I got dat candy (It's wet)
I got dat candy (It's wet)
I got dat candy (It's wet)
I got dat candy (Oooh, It's wet)
I got dat candy drip, drippin' off the frame (off the frame)
I got dat candy drip, drippin' off the frame (off the frame)

[Lil' Wyte]
I got the candy coat is burnin'
About to dip inta 'nother flavor
For a week it's been the same color
Of tropical life savors
For seven days I'm straight
But then I need a different coat
To the paint shop I go
Push the pedal to the floor
Buffer it out - sand it down
Paint it once - paint it twice
Wet sand it - paint it again
Get my baby lookin' nice
Now I'm bendin' out fee
Marble pur-pose green
Twenty four inches under the wheel well
Mother fucker I'm clean
Crisp white leather seats
JL audio W 7's
Knocking pictures off the wall in homes up in heaven
Catch me in my city
Bustin' doughnuts in the intersection
Colors swanging off in texas
But I prefer the term flexin'

[Hook] x2

[DJ Paul]
"Yeah yeah yeah
Hypnotize Mindz super producers'
DJ Paul and Juicy J
We about to crank this thing up fast
Now what"

[Lil' Wyte]
Now I'm flexin' in the intersection
Every body see me man
Clang, clang
Rims choppin' harder then some razor blades
Memphtown repper
Liqour sipper
Drunk and still behind the wheel
Got a one hitter quitter
And I own lots of steel
Fraiyser bound bitch
And my red necks spray my whips
Told 'em make it look delicious
Make it wet
Make it drip
See me from a mile away
Hear me from three or four
I got king kong in the trunk
Beatin' up the floor
I'm flickin', shinin', lookin' good
Feelin' even better
Only thing that could bring me half way down
Is some cloudy weather
I got
Got candy drippin', drippin'
Lookin' real gushie
A thousand flavors I can savor
Almost tastes as good as pussy

[Hook] x2

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