Irreversible pain when I came in the game
What it means to let an axe hang down from a chain
Choke anybody out for ever cursin' my name
I'll stick you with an ice pick and try to cool off your brain
I know it's strange but we're doin' great regardless of any doubt
I keep on grindin' n shinin' Nine 654654165 is what I'm about
I'll teach a negative motherfucker what my life's about
With fire comin' out my mouth and a mist of these rain clouds
Satan sits on my shoulder, the serpent thought he was slick
Had an evil life waitin' for me, hopin' I'd switch
I tried to stab him but he vanished when I swung on that bitch
I dug a hole, stuck my head in and screamed out Eat a dick!
I know he heard what I said 'cause now he's plannin' my death
Envious devil tryin' to collect my chedda and bread
But this is my meal; and I'ma eat it where I find it
I'm a hundred mothafuckas stay loaded and grindin'

You don't really want it with me
Stay the fuck up out my way
I got places to be 'cause we Grindin'
Destiny to shine and you'll find that i'm Grindin' - Grindin'
They joinin in the everyday average bullshit
This the re-evolution of underground juggaloes Bitch! [x2]

Walkin' up the fuckin' mountain and we all on the top
Not stoppin' when it's cold or when it's way too hot
Droppin' hatas, Headed right to your spot
Poppin' rounds of wicked shit clear out your whole lot
Keepin' it real, I'ma spill my brains on the page so long
Tried to listen to some shit but it all sounds wrong
You know we checkin' through the game and the weather ain't sweet
'Cause it be snowin' in this bitch and it be six feet deep
And even though we walkin' slow and it be hard on our feet
We keep it wicked in this bitch and can't wait for the heat
Say somethin'- Do nothin'; That's the story of most
But the way that I choke be the way of the throat
And hope that mothafuckas know that the time is pain
Fuck all the losses we gain, Steady praisin' the name
Of G-O-D and what he gave AMB and that's heart
And how we grindin' ever since the start

Look Mothafucka


(Fades into Static)

In the basement there's a puddle of blood
Seven bodies in a circle
I won't hurt you, drip it my love
So Dia de los Muertos, I'm compared to a god
I'm a dark lord of torture when I offer you up
Sacrificial tissue sizzlin' on the flame
Inhalation givin' me shakes I'm feelin' strange
Talkin' board teaches me how to unlock my brain
The haters, though, never change; Call it a game
When the piece moves and teach you of the truth to come
Straight from the vein of the rivers beneath Jerusalem
James-Roo-Salem, But the witches couldn't save 'em
They all died; Burn at the stake, let me take 'em
The planet is bakin' I'm thankin' the fathers forsaken
Wash away the pain with tsunamis and earthquakes
Honor killings, burning buildings, hijacked planes and

I don't know where my soul is gone.
I feel trapped in a black void
So nervous and paranoid.

Shake it off and continue into the circus
Defend my spirit, I'm fearless; Reverse curses
Make Satan reappear and I eat his face like Tyson
The holy field's ear
I'ma get it all, spit it all into my death
Standin' under a ladder watchin' a cat take a baby's breath
Take a picture of my soul, open your mind; Remind time
Rewind mine, God is in control
Free will is a green pill; Already took the red and blue one
Overdose on this gruesome vision that I'm livin'
Barely witness to the children of 75 13
Innocence is burning
And I'm earning, my spot in Hell's Pit
And when I get there I'm bringing war and talkin' helly shit

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