"To Be Where There's Life" as written by and Gem Archer....
Day's turning to night
Pray for the light
Let me come through
Let me take you away over the line

Everyone falling
Everyone falling
Dreamers come crawling
Neighbors jump walling
Let me come through
Let me take you away over the line

And we're away to be where there's life
Shake the will to comply
Fears don't try me
Tears don't cry me

And we're away to be where there's life
When we come call out
Everything's sold out
TV just closed down
There's nothing on the news now

Fears don't try me
Tears don't cry me
We're away to be where there's life
Be where there's life
(Be where there's life)

Dig out your soul, cos here we go
We gotta move, it's what we do
Let me come through
Let me take you
Away to be where there's life
To be where there's life
(To be where there's life)

Take you over the light
Under the signs
In through locked doors
To secret floors
Where we've lost 'em before

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"To Be Where There's Life" as written by Gem Archer

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    General CommentBest song on the album in my opinion. very experimental oasis. Kind of always feels one beat too slow, which makes it that much better that it works. the eastern instruments throughout (and backward guitar?) make it very ominous. Its obviously one minute past midnight and the world has gone into complete darkness and everyones either shut in or going crazy. But you've got to hold on be brave and wait to be where theres light, to be where theres life. Its kind of like a little horror movie where the aliens attack at night and you've gotta stay through till the morning when they will go away/ imo.
    bigrobbo2006on September 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentBigrobbo you are dead on all over the place. This IS the best song on DIG OUT. And there are several good ones (RAPTURE and SHOCK among them).

    The eastern tone and the BIG themes of wandering, night and light and new places, be they geographic or states of mind remind me of Zeppelin's KASHMIR.

    Cool song. A long way from Digsy's Diner. Oasis continues to rule.
    headxplodeon October 11, 2008   Link
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    General Commentmy favourite off the album at the moment :) Written by Gem. It's not backwards guitar though, there is no guitar at all on the song.... it's a toy sitar for £12.99 that Noel and Gem put in a reverb room lol. It shows it in a clip from the DOYS doc on youtube (:
    Rockechoon October 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOn the fence with this song...
    Jcm-93on October 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe first time I listened to this song, I realized the bassline was reallllly familiar. It puzzled me for a while, because I knew I heard that line before but I couldn't remember what song I heard it from. But now I figured it out.

    Jimmy Kane -- Muse
    It's a b-side that was released I think in...1999? Maybe 2000.

    Not saying Oasis stole that line (it's bitchin so i don't care much), but I thought it was really weird!

    I love this song btw. One of my favorites off the album.
    LM101on February 20, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI like this song when I'm driving home at night, it's got that kinda night time tone to it, slow and deep kinda music
    eldeniroon March 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentLove the groove to this one.
    Vlurison October 31, 2016   Link

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