"Worlds On Fire" as written by Clint Boge, Glenn Ashley Esmond, Kurt Goedhart and Benjamin James Hall....
Stand up take a bow
You're leaving so who's laughing now?
Just yourself by yourself
No one else there's no one else

Face the end
Walk out the door
You're leaving giving up on us all
Just yourself by yourself
No one else here who can help

Now you wake up tired
So uninspired
To face the world
The world's on fire

Lay down on the floor
It's over you don't care anymore
Face yourself by yourself
No one else here who can try

Wake up wake up
To the world
The world's on fire

Where did we go wrong?
Fighting for so long

I didn't ask for this at all
When my back's against the wall
And my face painted for war
I didn't ask for this at all

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"Worlds on Fire" as written by Clint Boge Benjamin James Hall

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Worlds On Fire song meanings
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    My Interpretationhow has no-one commented on this awesome song??

    i figure this song is about one of two things;
    -the end of a painful relationship and watching the guilty party leave
    -a father abandoning his family (the singer as a younger child)
    anyone else get this form the song?

    ps; saw these guys last night in London, just put a video of them doing this song on facebook too, my absolute favorite track of theirs :D
    NickoliSausageson November 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti reckon its actually about someone who decides to iscolate themselves because of some troubles but when they decide they want the help they cant get it cause they pushed them away and LOVE this song the music is great
    chickenmanicon August 13, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the song could possibly be about suicide. Taking a bow signals the end of one's "performance," which I interpret as meaning a/the person's life. No one "here" can help, which could be implying that there is a "there," or other dimension (and it is within that dimension the suicidal person may think there may be a solution). Also, death is when one can be considered to be completely alone and all by themselves...this is one vision of what "hell" might be like. It's possible that the fiery world described in the song is a reference to hell, but it doesn't seem that the suicide victim is the narrator during these parts...so it could instead be describing how, before killing themselves, the depressed person ( they "wake up tired, so uninspired") viewed the world.The world they were facing each day seemed utterly hopeless. Tragedy &/or Loss experienced during the life of that person could have left them viewing the world as chaotic, volatile and perpetually "burning," in a way. Now, when the song goes "wake up wake up" to yet another world on fire, I take this to mean that, once killing themselves, the suicide victim finds themselves in an equally violent and destructive world...except, their back is now "against the wall". This may be alluding to the finality of death. It's one-way only; there are no take-backs. There is no option anymore and Death is not something that may be walked away from, whereas one can choose to walk away from Life. It must be faced. And that person "didn't ask for this [form of existence] at all."
    cody112398on October 17, 2014   Link

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