dear old house that i grew up in
i know that i'll leave you any day
dear old house that i grew up in
can't you find a way to make em stay?

and all the girls i went to school with
walked downtown with all the cool kids
i was staked out in your cellar
making friends with dead umbrella
and every creak of every floorboard
tells the story of the girl i stuck inside
and if they move away
i'll have no place to hide

dear old house that i grew up in
i've never really been in love
you took my heart when i was a child
noises wrapped around my little body like a winter glove
you're just a random set of objects
in a town thats filled with sadness
in the armpit of the world
you're chopped down trees and rotting soil
and if i wanted to i'd keep you
i'd fill you up and eat you

with the market how it is, amanda
well you know, the price of oil

Goodbye stairs, and goodbye stars on painted walls at home
attic door, and banister, i'll miss you most of all
you were supposed to keep me safe
this wasnt supposed to end
does it sound rediculous
to call you my best friend?

dear old house that i grew up in
i know i haven't visited that much
but, every lifeless hotel and apartment i walk into
just reminds me of the doorknobs that i want to touch
i won't miss you, when they sell you
to some evil yuppie couple
with the child who'll put miley cyrus posters in my bedroom

i am a native of the north
i am a rockstar on the road
i am now permanently located in each place i am known
but it doesnt feel like anywhere
when you can't go back home

dear old house that i grew up in
i know it isn't your fault this panned out,
please don't take it personally


p.s. - tell the evil yuppie couple, that i'm rich
i'll buy them out.

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    General Commentgod this song is amazing.. i just wanted to be the first to ooh and aaaahh about how amazing it is. what it's about is pretty self explanitory i think...
    tosachion September 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWhat Amanda said about this song:

    "i’m proud mostly because i hadn’t written a song in over a year.

    so. i wrote this song in london a few weeks ago after getting an email from my mother that they were finally going to take steps to sell the house i grew up in.
    i love the house. it was hard news. i was waiting for steven to come over and get dinner. i cried on the bathroom floor. it was cold. times were rough. etc."
    bongomaron September 27, 2008   Link
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    My Opinion
    Aww, these lyrics make me teary-eyeed.
    sleepyfaerieon January 21, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti'm pretty sure it's actually "fill you up and heat you".
    otherwise the remark about the oil is kind of irrelevant.
    Provanityon August 16, 2009   Link
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