Someone needs to take a rusty Bowie knife to you - from your groin to chest-bone, spill the truth. That way you might touch your inside like I has to, like you always make me do-
Someone spaded Jesus Christ through skin meat and bone- the iron from the spike it starts that rustin', the iron from His blood add to that rustin'-
His blood rolls down the hill and pools up in the cotton-field, well the cotton it be twice growin'- and it is cherished for it's red red hue, and it is marveled for it's stiffness, and it is revered for its twice growin' ...growin’ up out the earth growin’ back into the earth to be spat back out the mool be twice growin like Jesus Christ will -to return like Jesus Christ
Centuries has passed and I met you, you love me, Christ girl, you know how much you love me –Someone made for us this wedding sheet, one side of the sheet will it be the man side, the other side of the sheet will it be the woman’s side – I fit myself into the pre-made hole in this wedding sheet, when I lay down on top of you-
Someone says I’m hard –but I’m never hard enough for you. Especially when you take your sewing needle and scratch a mark on your wrists, especially when you take your sewing needle and scratch a mark on your ankles, especially when you take your sewing needle and close up that hole in our sheet, then you use this sheet to wipe away your inside – Now our sheets it’s got a red hue, our sheet it’s got this stiffness, now our sheet is growing twice growing, the iron from your inside it re-opened up that hole yes, it did rust it your blood it rusted, your iron it rusted your iron is rusting–now everything is rusting and everything will rust for you as well-

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Another One About Jesus, A Wedding Sheet, And A Bowie Knife song meanings
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