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Blast you wit the Metallica,
Rip ya head ta shreds like Gallager,
Sledge hammer ya dead like Space Shuttle Challenger.
Scar slashes, car crashes, guitar thrashes, barbaric fascists, smashin you like Cassius.
In a bar brawl smashed on Jager and hashish, war clashes, napalm blast hits, ashes...ta ashes, hundred yard dashes, through pastures land mines stashed in the grasses.
Blood splashes on the bra of Onasis,
killin you is sweet like a jar of molasses,
wit hard assasins, rockin' dark glasses, sarcastic, militant like M*A*S*H is.
Tear gases burn like hot flashes, bash in ya skull, blood drip on ya eyelashes,
bombastic like comstock convicts, assfucked, shanked with sharp plastic condoms.

Punch you dead in ya face!
Snuff you, jux you, mush you, rush you, bust you!
Anyday, any place, any time, step!
No Remorse! No regret!
Rep it to the death!
Set it off in the street, cock back gats.
Fists or weapons, whatever attack!
You don't want it wit me, look into my eyes.
Death rap. Listen to it. Live it. DIE!

Light you up, rapid oxidation, sintillation, skin burned to a cinder, disintergration.
Inferno, wind blazin' tinder.
Luminosity human atrocity.
Fumigated, found in ditches, bodies on top of bodies accumulated like compound interest. After hell wit a splatter-film axe, flank attack, stomp you like a tank's caterpillar tracks.
Overture of torture, let the crows getchya, bloodstain Gorbechev's head chrome, wetchya.
Packin' like Jack Ruby wit a short fuse, boobytrap you, BBBBBRRRRRRAAAAPPPP you, live on the news.
Lapidation, foulness like Ralphus, rapid heart palpitations, scalp you like Alfus.
Every subject sticky, strictly thug, let off a clip in ya mug publicly.


Lyrics submitted by MrHydeIsGod

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    General CommentUmm, pretty much Necro is a fucking beast when it comes to everything and he'll shred you in real life just as quick as he would on the mic, at any moments notice :)
    MrHydeIsGodon September 20, 2008   Link

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