well i killed myself trying to write this damn song
my back was broke, i had no idea where i belonged
i was lost at sea, the captain was drunk
he was some shipwrecked mohawked punk
more concerned with fashion
than keepin' the ship from crashin'

so i said, "who the hell put him in charge
and who put me on this goddamned barge??"
well, i swear, the kid was lucky
that i didn't beat him to death
like i was some kind of alex de large

and when we finally arrived back at shore
we were singing old dying drinking songs, but what's more
they were rotting in our throats, by the time they had come out
i'm not sure about you, but i had no doubt
that they had drifted away long ago

and i realized i couldn't write the beautiful classic popsong
but if i could, i'd sing it to the children, so they might grow up to be strong
and i'd sing it to the love i've never had, and then i'd never have to be sad
and it would live for a long long long long long long long long time

and i was searching for a rhyme
one that would shine on forever, like all of us
and i needed to decide whether or not i was a song i could trust
if it was a song worth singing, with words worth bringing to your ears

and well, it's one of my fears
that this song is worthless
it's washed up on the shores all cold and mirthless
dried up and pukesick
is this some sort of sick joke?
one that'll still laugh at me
when i'm lyin' in a heap and my spine's broke

well i'd like to choke that grin right off your face
you shitty song, i can't believe i've written you, i'm a disgrace
i ought to be hung, so that everyone can see
my loose body in the town square, hanging from the tree
i hope they throw tomatoes, cause i'm gettin' hungry

but you see, this ain't me
i want to be free.

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Beautiful Classic Popsong (I Want To Be Free) song meanings
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