I could wait here all night for you
Though it's getting mighty cold outside
When all I can think is
"Are you with that other one?"
Two years have gone by
gone by myself
All my wasted time
all my rehearsed lines
This can't go on forever

Silly one, can't outrun your shadow
Even in the darkest of nights
When your shades are all drawn
that's when I know you're home
and I like to watch you sleep
But outside I won't be for long

Today is my birthday
The greatest day that
you never knew about
I blow out my candles one by one
Oh how can you be so fucking dumb?
This gonna hurt you just like it hurts me

Because I'm losing my patience
And believe me
you wouldn't like me mad
If I don't get what I want right here
you won't be breathing next year
If I can't have you nobody gets to

Sorry boy, can't outrun your shadow
Even in the darkest of nights
When your shades are all drawn
that's when I know you're home
and I love to watch you sleep
But outside I've been here too long
Outside I've been here too long

It's time to die now, go to sleep
Don't be scared, here I come love
It's time to die now
I'm right behind you (x3)
So nice to meet you
To finally meet you

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You Can't See Me Because I'm A Stalker song meanings
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    General CommentWhy are there no comments on this song??
    Well, I see this song as a twist on the typical male stalker. Female stalkers very rarely stalk at night and wait outside homes. Females stalkers in relationship pursuit usually stalk more subtly during the day by placing themselves where they know the person will be so he or she discovers her. Male stalkers tend to be more aggressive and stalk day & night and try to terrorize their victim, particularly if the male feels rejected for some reason. This gives them a false sense of importance and power. This singer has turned it around by letting her stalker know that she has had enough and now HE will see what it is like to be on the receiving end of a madman. Now HE is the stalked one and although he can't see her, she has been silently watching outside his house and waiting patiently for an opportunity to put an end to the madness. She lost her patience with his insanity years ago so now she is his shadow [not the other way around anymore] and she plans to kill him when the time is right. The stalker will die by his "stalkee" turned stalker. You reap what you sow and karma offers him poetic justice. Similar to the film "Lady Beware" where the stalked woman takes matters into her own hands, only the narrator in this song has truly been driven to the breaking point and has become as crazy as her stalker. People LOVE to see evil punished... if only vicariously through a film or song. :-)
    RoseTeaCup1216on October 11, 2010   Link

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