I couldn’t care less who got the most finesse
Who’s best dressed at the truck fest?
Union Jack socks, string vest –
I’m best dressed at the truck fest.

I rap with terretts at the discotheque
And flip text through the echo-plex
Like Das FX v No FX
I love sex so bumper sticker sez

Ho, ho, ho honk if you bonk
Get drunk off a bottle of plonk
Fuck Wolfblass, pass the buckfast
Get fucked well fast When I’m drunk I’m a top laugh.

Went to a house party as Shaft
Got to 3rd bass with your girl in the bath
And you know that, don’t run yo mouth
Yon about? Aint a lager lout

Know what? You're a dumbaclot
Reckon you pack head cos you watched Lockstock
You're Phil Collins, not Ronny Biggs
Kid Acne – the rap Johnny Briggs

Tattooed knuckles sez Wife & Kids
After each gig you like, he’s nice with his
While I chow down on spareribs
Before I kick-off at another shindig

Makes you think Don’t It?
Like Sliding Doors Aint it?
Makes you think Don’t It?
Like Sliding Doors Aint it?

Dam yo, pretty damn agro
Antisocial, now I got an ASBO
Play GnR, read Guns n Ammo
Got Ethnic friends, but don’t got an Abbo

Got an Elegro, Broady on gravel
Barn Owl is my CB handle
Feed chooks, drink grog in a Kangol
Ya Great Gallar, I be the rap Joe Mangle

Fuck the new fangled, I still rock sandals
Walk like Egyptians who walk like the Bangles
Check the Inscriptions of the Ex Vandals
Who ramble on samples and programme fractles


Too right, my style is right bad
A cross between Macc Lads and Mike Ladd
It's like that, but you won’t get stabbed
It's just a flick comb, but less of the back chat

In my back pocket is a porno card pack
You ain't fast, get your knuckles wrapped
I take it right back, like a blast from the past
Dejavu raps on Dragon Cadillacs

Skull Snaps to Back in Black
You best clunk click or you cop whiplash
Get you get wig split, get your skull thatched
We leave in tact and get paid in mad cash…


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