I seem to sink into the sound of the falling rain.
This promise is whose dream, who is this dream for?

I want to see all of you. I want to love all of you.
It's this way, isn't it?

When our hands are clutched together,
There is this unknown scent coming from the opposite one.
Although I can breath normally, I seem to crumble eventually.
If you could love me deeper than just those words
I could believe only you standing before me.
In the suddenly showing past, the times we would touch,
Could not fill the fragile emptiness, floating on those tears.

Although I find comfort in this peace,
You, who are beside me is breaking from my inside.

I want to see all of you.  I want to love all of you.
The answer is drowning in a smile.
You don't love the everyday shadow, when it was lost.
We carry those bounds that I can't let disappear.

Even though I threw those words at you, if you could love me
I could believe only you, standing before me.
The suddenly shown past, hurts every time you touch me
I want to love you to my inner emptiness.
Because I won't let you notice how I wipe my tears
There is nothing else to laugh about in front of me.

It's not the two of us, concealing this means the [good bye]
How I wish it to be us together crying at this [farewell]
More than thinking back about it, I would like you to forget
And put me in this empty space.
Don't chase those long passed days.

Don't leave anything more than what's already left.
[At least...]
I hold onto this good bye, as I fall asleep
And the faint heat vanishes like tobacco.

The days that won't return, the person I loved

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Calm Envy (english) song meanings
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    My Interpretationcorrect english lyrics, i got from the lyric book, from the album.

    It seems like I sink down in the sound of the heavily falling rain
    This promise, whose dream is it, a dream for whose sake is it?

    "I want to see all of you", " I want to love all of you"
    Please do it, okay?

    In the connected hand and in the opposite hand
    There's perfume i never recognize

    "I want to see all of you" , "I want to love all of you"
    Ever though i can breathe normally,
    it seems like i'm gonna collapse

    If you love me deeper than words
    I trust only you, who's right before my eyes

    The past you suddenly showed me it is so frail everytime i touch it
    I let my tears flow in the void which i cant fill up
    Even if i cling to this calmness, because you, next to me,
    are inside of me, it seems to stop

    "i want to see all of you", " i want to love all of you"
    The answer drowns in a smile
    "You dont love, the everyday shadow when it was lost"
    I carry it so much that i cant erase it

    If you love the words i threw at you as well
    I trust only you, whos right before my eyes
    The past you suddenly showed me it hurts everytime i touch it
    I want to love until the void, in which I'm not there
    So that i wouldnt make ou notice I wipe away the tears

    More than this, dont smile in front of me
    Its not the two of us hiding a "goodbye"
    I wanna be together, crying about a "goodbye"
    More than repeating it inside your head, i want you to forget
    And put me into the void

    Dont hunt these days which have already passed
    More than this, dont go and leave me behind "at least..."
    The faint warmth of me, who grasps the goodbye and sleeps
    extingush it like a cigarette
    The person who loved the days we cant go back to
    RepetitionOfHatred__on January 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOh I thought they were saying "I want to say I love you". oh well. this is a really nice song ^^ I heard a tiny bit somewhere and just had to hear the whole thing! did not disappoint. gaze rock is not dead!
    mordsithon September 26, 2008   Link

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