And he keeps her teeth in a jar in the sun on the windowsill
One tooth for every year he's been alone
And he bites and he screams and he scratches and he cackles in his sleep
But there's no one there to hear it
A tooth for every year he's been alone

And his closest friend is the woman from the talking clock
At the tone the time will be 3:15
Why the fuck aren't you going to bed?
And he cries in his sleep
But there's no one left around to hear it
So he screams to himself instead
"There's dust in my eye
Don't you know I'm going blind?
It puts strain on my eyes
I'm not crying, y'know"

And her eyes are sewn shut
And her fingernails are falling off
And the edges of her mouth have started to rot
I don't want to get much older
I don't want to grow into someone you wouldn't want

Saint Catherine smiles through gritted teeth
"You're spitting on your own grave, son
You're cheating in your own game, son
Get some sleep"

And his mouth tastes of gin
And his hands smell of cigarettes
And his heart bleeds for Catherine

And you bite and you scream and you scratch and you cackle with a knife in your pretty spine
And the dust of her pale white skin that she left behind

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    General CommentHA I got the first comment.
    Not so surprising because I uploaded it.

    I really love this song, ohsomuch. Rose is just amazing, how much talent do you get in one person :O
    kittybiscuitson September 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYeah, she is talented, she added me on myspace and i thought "just another crappy singer/songwriter" but she was actually pretty great.
    MyBloodBeatsDarkon September 21, 2008   Link

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