"Eyo eyo, give up the rock man!"
And on and on baby, and on and on baby.
"Eyo whats up Cule? How you been maw fucka!?"
Chillin- And on and on baby, and on and on baby, St. Cule, 2008, pump the realness.

Might think you know me, might think you owe me,
When its cards out, aint got nothing to show me,
Homie, rap fantastic, put ya’ll in a casket
I'm outta jail now, ain’t tryna go back to it,
Been craftin’ wits since back in nine six,
I rhyme sick, my lines swift, you better rewind it,
You blind bitch if you ain’t see my fury,
Clearly spittin’ lyrics Helen Keller'd hear me,
Appearin’ as a phantom, black in the mist,
Type of spic to write til he crack his wrist,
Now that’s dedication, on some grown man shit
Get the fuck off your mic, and let a grown man spit, spicca

*Scratches* Who you think you fuckin with?/Allow me to introduce myself I'm St. Cule/Brave braided spic with the cockiest hat/Can't dream of the heat I'm holding/Work 12 hours just to get a check/Ite Ite, okay now you know me.

Who you talkin to? Who you talkin to?
Lace em up Nancy, use them walkin boots,
And I talk the truth, ain’t held a glock in my youth,
Too busy rockin the booth over the top of you,
You jealous now? So you wanna rhyme like?
Want Lime Light so you re-write your lines like
Its fine ite, just put credit in its place,
Or Ill aim to put your fucking head up in a brace,
See the red in your face, yea its real now,
So you still tryna brag that you got a deal now?
Its weird how, the car you had last winter
You still got it, but you purple tinted the windows, faggot

[Chorus Repeat]

Ya’ll rhyme about nines like ya’ll gonna do it
Def Leopards drummer is better armed then you kid...
Put bombs to your music; leave you with bruised ribs,
Your crew ain’t shit, cuz my crew CAN SPIT,
Scribe Tribe Syndicate, rhyme mercenaries,
First to burry ya’ll in earths cemeteries,
Now hear me... Your sound ain’t unique,
Cuz I spit to those beats in two thousand and three
So please, ~ quiet, hush hush little girl,
Before your first verse I was heard around the world
And you ain’t gotta respect the man you used to see,
But you do gotta respect the man I grew to be, bitch

[Chorus Repeat]

Yea, St. Cule, 2008, Scribe Tribe Syndicate, Keep It Real Car Club, Come on', St. Cule baby...

Lyrics submitted by RustieJuxx

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