Oh they don't know nothing about no hip-hop!
Look at 'em, look at 'em, man
Little suburban fucks
The fuck they doing at your shows, homie?

Don't listen to them Matthew, do your thing

Little Matthew, 15, suburban
And it ain't shit if it ain't the cursing version
With the sticker on the front, to piss off his Dad
Just tell that bitch to get off the rag
Little Matthew from the 'burbs gotta hear it
It's like the only thing that puts the nerve in his spirit
Go ahead and make some ruckus for the hell of it
And yell it on the streets of that monotonous development
You're telling me that this ain't for him, right
How many y'all motherfuckers get an invite?
Give him access and let Matthew hear ya
Wait a half a year and he'll be rapping in that mirror
And when he does, check him on his loyalty
Was peace when he just played a piece of the royalties
Love is love, if that's what you give,
I don't give a fuck where you grew up or where you live
It goes

Oh you a star now, huh?
You large now, you too large to talk
Don't forget, I used to give you free refills, motherfucker!

Forget snitching, motherfucker, stop bitching
If you afraid of rats, get the fuck out the kitchen
They only come when you cookin' up a mess
And I'm supposed to be impressed by your bulletproof vest
That comeback, gunpacking tough act, thug chapter
'Bout as entertaining as a bug zapper
Fuck that
Add up all the stories in your raps
And subtract each one that isn't really from your past
Take the remainder, multiply with how many times in your life you thought that you was gonna die
Divide that sum with the outcome of how many kids you had before you dropped an album
Low ceiling for the masses of dope rappers
Most the dope dealers that I know got broke ladders
Trying to juggle both factors, shit I can't imagine that math
I'm just a high school grad
But I know what matters is that I gave it everything I have
'Cause I'm a son and a dad
Tryna' learn mathematics for the growth,
I'm out, I gotta hit the gym so we can film a video

Ayo, Scott
(What up?)
I was wondering, if you got the time
If you could go online, and look up and see if you can find me a gym
That will let me smoke up in there?
(No problem)

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    General CommentI think it's pretty obvious, but Slug is talking about how fake most mainstream rappers are.
    whataSAMFon April 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe title is also a pun, obviously referring to 'Matthew' as the typical suburban kid who eats up mainstream BS. But also referring to the rappers who sold out for money themselves, saying they based their careers on "Doing the math" and just basing their hip-hop careers on making a paycheck
    FeelTheNealon January 29, 2010   Link

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