I dont want to speed date
I dont want a rebate
I dont want this dinner
and I dont want the dirty plate
I dont want your money
I dont want here too
I dont really want to know what i'm thinking...


I dont want the evening
or the mid afternoon
I dont want tomorrow to come to soon
I dont want to get lost
I dont want to be found
I dont want to hear you say when your on the rebound
I dont want take it
I dont want buy it
dont want a helicopter
cause i wont know how to fly it
I dont want funeral
I dont want a weddin'
dont think i can bring myself to listen to your message

We're flesh and blood
We're flesh and blood

I dont want your dinner
I dont want your leather
I dont want your salt
and I dont want your pepper
I dont want your limits
I dont want you to fix it
Dont give me your opinion
cause you know where you can stick it

dont wanna see your stories
dont wanna see your laughter
dont wanna be standin' here
takin your orders
I dont want equality
I dont want you to bothered me
when im dead and burried
I dont want you to remember me...

We're flesh and blood
We're flesh and blood

I dont want your bitchin'
I dont need encouragin'
if i catch on fire
then I hold you questioned
I dont want a flat screen
I dont want a beauty freak
take off too much tassels
and leave without the sun screen
i dont want your blessin'
i dont need caressin'
if you find me guilty
then I dont want your certainty
I dont want the season
I dont need a reason

Only want your pressure
if it's to stop the bleedin'

We're flesh and blood
We're flesh and blood.

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    General Commenthe loves her, but it's too hard for him to be by her. he doesn't want her pathetic words of encouragement, her pitty kisses, her anything.. he only wants her to leave him be. he wants to get over her, but he feels it's harder than it should be, because they've nearly become one. (we're flesh and blood) his heart aches when he doesn't see her, but it ache's even more when she's gone.. which is why at the same time, he still wants her to help him through. (i don't want your pressure unless it's to stop the bleeding) they're falling apart, it seems, because of something he's done. (when i'm dead and burried i don't want you to remember me) as far as her part goes, she's also messed up in the past. (i don't want to stand here takin your orders) he wants to move on.
    ecook14on May 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI only want your pressure if it's to stop the bleedin'.
    -excuseon March 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis makes me think of a guy who's really depressed and his girlfriend is trying to help him.
    But he's not sure if he should stay with her or not because she's getting on his nerves.
    She's putting pressure on him in many ways and he only want pressure to stop his bleeding.
    He don't want to change his life, but he's sick of it.

    Nice song by the way, I love the new album !
    QuebecGuy777on February 02, 2010   Link

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