I'm right here
and I'm so brave
I dare...oh I dare

I imagine I lay quietly in your bed
I see you're sleeping, but you cannot sense my gaze
How could you see me invisible as I am?
Then I nestle, try to clasp you round the waist
and feel you're breathing resting my lips upon your neck
How could you feel it... (feel me, feel me now!)
intangible as I am?
But I'm right here and I'm so brave
I dare to love you. I dare!

I imagine...
Oh my mind just flies so wild!
The words I utter seems to get dry in my mouth
How could you listen inaudible as I am?

Are you deaf not to hear my words?
Are you blind not to see me around?
Are you just heartless?
But if you're scared, dare open your eyes
If you're slept, let me wake you up
You may curse your soul if you deny me
Just imagine I'm right here

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    General Commentconsidering that Hernandez themes all of her music around mythical things such as fairies, whenever i hear this song i think of the scenerio that this is narrated by a nymph or some kind of fairy folk lady that is in love with a human somehow but the human cant see her or feel her and this is heartbreaking to her

    the fact that she says "you may curse your soul if you deny me" makes me feel like a spell has been cast where she can see him at night when he's sleeping but if he denies her, he curses his soul. it makes me think of the little mermaid. maybe this fairy or nymph made a deal with some kind of witch but if she cant win his love, the witch gains control his soul or curses it. it's just what i feel

    she speaks of how brave she is to love whoever she loves. it makes me feel that maybe its because she's in love with a human and that is not only frowned upon by her people, but almost impossible because of the two different worlds they live in

    and since she's of another world, he cant see her and this hurts her and that is why she says she's brave because even though there's that barrier, she still visits him and loves him, regardless of the emotional danger she puts herself in.

    but since she says "how could you feel it" "how could you see me" it leads me to believe that maybe he does realize her presence but it's hazy to him. maybe she's just a flicker of light to him or evanescent?

    so she wants to make him aware that she is there for him and sings this song in hopes of him hearing her and feeling that reassurance that she is there.

    but at the same time, she gets no reaction from him. so she feels a bit of loving frustration because she's like "what the heck, dude? are you deaf ? i'm talking to you? are you blind? i'm flippin right here! or do you see and hear me just fine and you're just heartless leaving me here to love you while you ignore me?" and she expresses this in her song.

    she doesn't want him to be afraid of her. and at the same time, she wants to save him from the apparant danger his soul is in that, ironically, she probably brought upon him.

    and now it's time for her to leave back to where she belongs and tells him "just imagine i am right here"

    of course i could be completely off from what Priscilla meant in the song. but that's the beauty of things such as songs and poetry: it's up to the listener/reader to take it how they want

    and this is what this song seems to be about to me
    Geekellaon September 12, 2008   Link

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