If I gave you my chance to live
Would you never love again for me?
Never love again
And while the moon hangs in the sky all night
And lets the sun do all his work for him
We can look up at his light
And laugh because we found something that's better than life

And if the future one day stood up to me
And told me its intentions
And what it plans to do
I think I would plug my ears awhile
And hum myself a tune until
I could find that out with you
Cause it seems to me
That what we share is the biggest mystery

And when the crickets chirped all night
And bags were what we slept in
Could you see it in my eyes?
If there was one thing that I learned that year
It’s that life goes on regardless
But I'd rather have you here
Cause the sun alone could shine but it would never be known

What good's a piece of paper then
Without something to write on it?
It burns up in the end
And the leaves fall off of every tree
Except a certain lonely few who can't
Let go of their friends
And I'd like to think that you and I could be those evergreens

And that one last night at home
We swung the night away
And cried for fear of being alone
Flash forward about three months
The swing had stopped its squeaking
And our lives were changed at once
Cause that question mark made us smile even though the night was dark

So when fall turns to cold
And rain is changed to snow
It's always good to know
You're not alone
And as the train goes down the line
With one certain place in mind
I hope that you will find
What lies below

Take me home

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