trying to tell these kids man
this ain't no bottom of the barrel
this ain't no middle run on the ladder
know what I'm sayin, this is top shelf
you ask for this shit by name
know what I'm sayin, yo let me explain
goes like this yo, yo, yo

We rock live cassettes, I course this
same peoples been my man's track
same as courses
Yo fuck that! wheels of steel we bust back
Yo Eso (what up?) got a battle rap? Then bust that!

When I was young I used to look up to Dominique & MJ
now I teach like a sinsai Monday to Wednesday
yo, my pen stay writing medical bill checks
for wrecking these ill sets
incredible skill flex, you better just chill
or be the wack rapper that I threaten to kill next
I still hang over ya head like old beef
in a '92 ski motif and gold teeth
Indian head, you looking at the lochi
holy like a lone priest, rockin the slow beats
My flow will separate the nice from the wack
the mice from the rats, my mics on attack
in the streets so much I should have lights on my back
...and it's like that

Yo we top shelf, we just tryin to stock wealth,
you could pass it round ya crew or keep it on the shelf.
Yo we top shelf, we just tryin to stock wealth,
you could pass it round ya crew or keep it on the shelf.

Me and Karma rep' the hardest
You bullshit artists are boasting artists regardless
Yo I'm hittin motherfuckas with a stick jab (to what)
to take their fuckin head clean off like an ink tag
So Karma (what up kid?) we got another minute left (yeah)
do what you do best and start to slice chests

Yes Lord it's time to show up in the sorts
I told from the one to study the art of war
We treat MC's like Vietnamese in the 60's
me & Eso split these hits like Ken Griffey
Stay pissy, the top shelf stay in me
nine-rule kid, I just ain't that friendly
So think about it, think, think about
I inhale madness son and exhale logic
intoxic, PCP rap shit
cats still trippin off the shit I said last year
I bring heat in this ice cold world
still slice ya face like high school girls
so lick a shot like tetanus (BLA-OW!)
we rock blocks like Tetris, the hardest cats to rep this
Ain't nuttin sweet but cats still wanna bite
the top shelf type has got em open all night....
yeah, an that's right, YO!

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