"Life In the Arctic" as written by and Matt Devine....
Your presence of mind becomes a Presence in mind and body for good,
so you are less affected by the negative pressures and principalities.
Don't resent what comes to light.
Bear the pain of failings.
Don't blame anyone.
Be aware of your past.
As it comes to light don't force don't dig it up.
Be aware of your part of the past or present trouble or involvements.
Noting the compulsiveness of your own behavior and attitudes,
you might then have some compassion upon those who mistreated you in the past.
Can't help yourself, realize that you condemn ourselves.

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    General CommentI love this. It sets the tone for the entire CD. @ w@ Plus, it has an interesting meaning behind it. More people should live their life by these principles.

    'Can't help yourself, realize that you condemn ourselves.' - Sounds a little weird but it's right. I always think of it in my head as 'Can't help yourself, realize that we condemn ourselves.'

    But, I guess, that each choice you make effects someone or something around you. So, in a sense, what you do tomorrow could have a adverse effect on something else. It's kinda like a ripple effect. Like, if you smile at one person a day for a week. Out of those seven people maybe, for one, that smile made their day bright and, in turn, they helped a total stranger out. That stranger then helped someone else who helped another, ect. Eventually, one could theorize, that the effect with make full circle and the original person will have something good happen to them. Karma, I guess, in a simpler way of saying that.

    It can work in reverse, as well. Say, you make fun of some kid in class. It may not seem like a big deal but if you're called something enough you begin to believe that and you being to hate yourself. Then, you start to hate everyone. Suddenly, the world doesn't matter to you because the world never cared about you, anyway. That kid ends up working at some high pressure place, gets fired, and takes a gun to work killing five people. The smallest of acts, or stupid decisions, can have some of the biggest consequences. People don't seem to realize that.

    'Can't help yourself, realize that you condemn ourselves.'
    Relmon January 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love how he says it in such a monotinous, almost lifeless way. It adds even more to an already interesting monologue
    musicnerrdon December 12, 2010   Link

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