"Home" as written by P. B. Lianmawia, H. S. Lalruatliana, Rosangliana, and Joshua Zoramliana....
The dimming of the light makes the picture clearer
It's just an old photograph, there's nothing to hide
When the world was just beginning

I memorized her face so it's not forgotten
I hear the wind whistle in, come back anytime
And we'll mix our lives together
Heaven knows, what keeps mankind alive
Every hand goes searching for its partner in crime
Under chairs and behind tables
Connecting to places we have known

I'm looking for a home, where the wheels are turning
Home, why I keep returning
Home, where my world Is breaking in two
Home, with the neighbors fighting
Home, always so exciting
Home, were my parents telling the truth?
Home, such a body feeling
Home, no one ever speaking
Home, with our bodies touching
Home, and the cameras watching
Home, will infect whatever you do
Where home, comes to life from out of the blue

Tiny little box from a beach at sunset
I took a drink from a jar and into my head
Familiar smells and flavors
Vehicles are stuck on the plains of heaven
I've seen their wheels spinning round
And everywhere I can hear those people saying
That the eye is the measure of the man
You can fly from the stuff that spills around you
We're home and the band keeps marching on
Connecting to every living sole
Compassion for things I'll never know

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"Home" as written by Kevin J. (ca) Lynn Kevan Byrne

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    General Commentgreat song
    westing202on October 19, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningI heard this song & loved it so much I came here :) I wish there were more comments; I'll do my bit.

    In the first four lines, I imagine myself now, as an adult, finding a photo album from years ago, when I was a child. "There's nothing to hide" I lived a much more straightforward life as a kid; now I put on a face for other people and regularly deceive people close to me. Not like "when the world was just beginning" at all.

    "I memorized a face so it's not forgotten" I focus on the photo and the person I used to be, trying to remember what it was like and how I can live honestly and simply again.

    "And we'll mix our lives together" Contemplating who I was as a child in this way changes who I am today, as in a mixture of two substances that become something entirely different & new.

    The conclusion of the song suggested to me a more general way of looking at the whole song: the speaker is dying (think of 'going home' as a metaphor), and is remembering and reflecting on his childhood. Soon he'll be reunited with friends and family members who preceded him in death.

    Perhaps "Home" is the great unknowable void: where we go when we die, and where we were before we were born. I've long suspected it's the same place.

    Glad I got these ideas out. It was fine just enjoying the song -- it's always given me chills and made me strongly nostalgic -- but now I really appreciate it.
    deanjaruleon August 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentLove this song.

    Even better, the tour kicked off in my hometown.
    grasswidow103on January 11, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthe dimming of the light makes an ugly chick do-able

    ....this song is retarded
    sjsu2423on January 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis seems to be about finding all the comforts of home when you find your life partener and although times are tough sometimes, it's ultimately the "familiar sents and flavors" that keep you firmly planted at...Home.
    driftingdreameron May 31, 2012   Link

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