"Little Soldiers" as written by and Simon Alexander Neil....
I'll always say I'm sorry
I'll always say that you were right
I'll want to make you happy
I only want to make you proud

In the summertime, we sit
I'll be watching you, get over it

And back at home, we cry alone
And think, about each other

We still dont know the damage
We recognise that somethings wrong
I know I'll always love you
Why can't we set fire to everyone

In the wintertime, we lay
You'll be watching me, get over it

And in our home, bone to bone
We sit, we cry together

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    General Commentthis song is amazing.i think it could be about a couple who know there relationship is falling apart but they dont know what to do about it.
    Los_weekendon February 14, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is such a beautiful song, and in my opinion, one of Biffys best songs. When I first heard it, I knew there was an issue in the song that I could relate to, so heres my interpretation of it:

    "Ill always say im sorry
    Ill always say that you were right
    Ill want to make you happy
    I only want to make you proud"

    (This verse seems to talk about the sacrifices that the person is willing to take for their love of this person, and that they will undermine themselves if they have to to make the other person happy, Pretty self explanatory right now :)

    "In the summertime, we sit
    Ill be watching you, get over it"

    (This little verse has a very different context to the first, it seems to suggest that the two people are in fact not together at this point and that the person is watching their lover from afar, which could link to the looking after them line from the first verse)

    "And back at home, we cry alone
    And think, about each other"

    (This verse clears up the question of what the status of these two people are. It might be the reason they cry alone is because they wanted to say something to each other very badly but didn't have the courage to step up yet, and they spend their time alone thinking about the other)

    "We still dont know the damage
    We recognise that somethings wrong
    I know ill always love you
    Why cant we set fire to everyone"

    (The first 2 lines in this verse might relate to the two realising that their relationship, which is now thought to have initiated, is damaging to them and everyone around them and they know that somethings not right, possibly even having doubts about the relationship, but not their partner. The next 2 lines contrast to the first in terms of optimism as the person will admit that no matter what anyone else thinks, he will always love her, which if you have heard this song like I did, was a massive thing to say, and that he satirically asks her why can't they set fire to everyone, meaning what anyone else thinks of their relationship doesn't matter to them, and that they just don't want to pay any attention to those people)

    "In the wintertime, we lay
    Youll be watching me, get over it"

    (This might be just a reflection of the first 2 line stanza where it establishes that time has passed and that they are finally together. The persons lover is looking at them but from a shorter distance than previously)

    "And in our home, bone to bone
    We sit, we cry together"

    (This last verse is my favourite for a number of reasons. The first is that the line has an ambiguous meaning, which makes the listener actually think of the ending to this song as there is clearly more to come between these two people, which is mentioned but not brought out. The first line is fairly straightforward, showing that a long time has passed and that these two are still together, but when it comes to the very last line, there can be more than one explanation to it and I will list the possible ones I can see, obviously the ending is open to your interpretation as well, but I just want to give my thoughts on it)

    1) The two lovers crying together could mean that they share the same feelings and could be reminiscing on their past (Although the reminiscence is more of an assumption), this ending suggests that there is such a thing as true love and that it will prevail over everything that might come their way, I see this ending as the happy ending.

    2)The two realise that in fact their relationship was doomed from the start and realise they spent most of their life with the wrong person, leaving us to believe that the crack that they first noticed during the start of their relationship has deepened until they stood either side of the large crack, not seeing eye to eye together, in fact the crying together could mean that they do share the same feelings still, this could be considered the sad ending to the story.

    This song trumps most love songs because it is an honest testament to life and love, sad or happy, doomed or hopeful, and the instrumental could be either deeply sad and mournful or hopeful and confident that things will work out in the end. The amazing part of this song is that its up to the listener whether this is a love letter or a break up song, it doesnt drive you to believe either that love is real or if in fact theres no such thing as happy endings and everything comes to an end, It leaves the listener to think and realise themself what their view on love and relationships are, it was in my opinion, a personality test.

    If you took the time to read this whole essay, you would understand that this song means a lot to me, please don't take my interpretation to be how you think of the song, just more of my personal insight to it and food for thought the next time you hear this song :)

    jonmarkell94on November 21, 2011   Link

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