Oh man it's dropping out of heaven and it's bringing the word
The wicked fucking sound that you never have heard

I'll tell you all about it cause it's spoken to me
It damn near took my life and kicked the shit out of me, you see?

Now it walks Edith my soul and it lives with my mind
And it's got a big gun and it's hunting mankind

Shiny leather boots and a big set of wings
Many fucking presents for the children it brings

Flying through the heavens and it's made out of stars
It's walking on fire to the place that you are
Here it comes

So grab your silver bullets and sharpen your stakes
And lock your fucking doors for Jesus sakes

Because it's reading your mind and it's ruined this land
And it's speaking in German and things you can't understand

While it's fucking your girlfriend and it's flying in space
As it puts you to shame as it spits in your face

Then it flies back to Heaven and it sleeps with the stars
As it's eating up planet and it's playing guitar

In fact it's playing right now

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    General Commentthis song is sick i'm surprised no one has commented yet.. rock n' roll is evil! lol
    Proof327on April 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about the antichrist and the end of days, lol.
    speedracerxton October 01, 2009   Link
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    General CommentUmm, no, actually it's about global warming.....err, no, on second thought it is about the Borg.
    speedracerxton October 01, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI think an apocalypse read makes the most sense... there seems to be a religious undertone of some sort... "It's dropping out of heaven and it's bringing the word" -The mention of "[his] soul" and "wings" also makes me think christianity or w/e... and maybe i'm conflating twilight with the bible (or maybe he is?) but "silver bullets" and "stakes" that need sharpening would imply some sort of battle to end all battles, maybe an out of the ordinary epic battle or perhaps a modern interpretation of the apocalypse. The way he talks about "shiny leather boots" and "a big set of wings" in the same line i thought was particularly interesting...
    I feel like this isn't as straightforward as i want to make it though... almost as though he's implying that it's religion that is going to bring about this apocalyptic ending... a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts....
    "Shiny leather boots and a big set of wings/ Many fucking presents for the children it brings" - this line can be interpreted in multiple ways: either the thing that is bestowing the presents on the children has shiny boots and wings OR the wings and the boots are the gifts being bestowed on the children (with a colon at the end of the line maybe)...

    "it's dropping out of heaven and it's bringing the word" also points to a criticism of religion... if this 'it' does all kinds of terrible things (ie ruining the land and (lawl) speaking german) it seems that the word (possibly the supposed 'word of god?') it brings probably is part of the problem

    and if his message is about corrupt religion of some sort it makes even more sense that this 'it' is "fucking your girlfriend" and putting you to shame by spitting in your face... while it could be interpreted as, heh, the thing showing you up with your gf and putting you to shame in that way, I think it's more likely juxtaposing the idea of celibacy as an ideal.... making people ashamed of their impulses by preaching about something unobtainable even by those preaching it (hence this constant distance throughout the song of things "flying in space" and generally dwelling among the stars and planets)

    of course i could make meaning out of anything...

    Does anyone know how Anton viewed religion? He does write about religious topics from time to time, but they generally seem to be in favor of it... though this one seems different to me... perhaps he doesn't like organized religion?
    c4r4me1on February 19, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is so sinister. dropping out of heaven could possibly refer to fallen angels or lucifer or something. but I think this tune is about himself and him bringing on the end of the world with his music.
    usernamepasswordon June 01, 2010   Link

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