"No One Does It Like You" as written by Daniel Raphael Rossen and Fred Hurley Nicolaus....
Out in the morning come
You don't need to ask an alibi
And in the morning comes
You don't need to be so honest

And in the morning come
You don't need to ask an alibi
And in the morning comes
You don't need to breathe so easy

I laughed so hard I fell down
I cursed these lanes I walked on

No one does it like you
No one does it like you
I tried so hard
But no one does it like you
No one does it like you
But I tried so hard

I tried so hard
I tried so hard

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"No One Does It Like You" as written by Daniel Rossen Fred Nicolaus

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No One Does It Like You song meanings
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    General Commentit's definitely "lanes"
    csuon October 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commentfantastic song.
    stkitsueon November 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHe clearly and distinctly says "lanes," regardless of how much sense that makes. But what the hell do you mean you walk "in" lanes? That's absurd, you can walk on or in or near or through a lane, that preposition has absolutely no significance in this case.
    sou_kaon December 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite songs of the moment. For some reason, it sounds a bit haunting to me. I love it.
    esirnuson December 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNot sure if anyone has seen the video for this song at: youtube.com/…. It is most definitely "Legs" and not "Lanes" The video is fantastic. As for haunting.... EXTREMELY
    mikemeckon April 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about a relationship that has gone bad and now it's actually at the end. He is coming to terms that it's over. Not sure if it's "morning calm" or "morning come" but either way, I think this lyric has a double meaning - his partner has either been unfaithful, thus it's now "morning" and she has to explain herself, or "morning" could just represent a new day, a new outlook. "Don't need to have an alibi" - he knows the truth and she doesn't need to cover things up anymore. "You don't need to breathe so easy" - once again, he is aware of what this person is doing and is telling her she can stop lying to him. She thinks he believes her alibi, but he doesn't. "You don't need to be so honest" - maybe he doesn't really want her to disclose all of what has happened but knows there is something going on. Although he's come to terms that the relationship is doomed, he still says "But I tried so hard" where there is a sense of failure, of him having no control over this, he did all he could do and still failed. "No one does it like you" kind of self explanitory. The lyric that sticks out the most to me in this song is "I laughed so hard I fell down; I cursed these legs I walked on." This is kind of elusive. I think it means he has just given up, he's done trying and lost a little bit of control. He has nothing left to lose. Not sure if he is laughing at his own situation or something else, but he is just trying to get over it. Awesome song, video is one of my favorites as well.
    dustbunneezon June 04, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti produced a few songs myself and sometimes when you sing into a microphone you can lose some consonants. so "legs" could definately be heard as "lanes". but the video definately emphasizes a lot of leg visuals with all the leg amputation and whatnot, and "i cursed these legs i walked on" is a term i've heard before so i'm more inclined to hear the intuitive phrase of "legs i walked on" rather than "lanes". same goes for some of the other words, "come"/"calm", etc. I suppose it's just what you personally hear more intuitively. We all hear things differently since we all see things differently, it's a good thing. Love this song, and the video is seriously great too.
    thefloodplainon July 04, 2009   Link
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    General Commentyoutube.com/…

    that's a live video of them. speaking very clearly.

    it is obviously "morning calm" and "lanes" not legs (thought i too thought it was legs to begin with).

    i suppose some artists have been known to sing different lyrics at times, but i think we can all stop arguing and agree that these are the probable lyrics.
    Kratoeson August 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think it's "out in the morning calm" and definitely " cursed these legs".
    I love this song/music video.
    I think it's about a man wandering aimlessly in the morning, without an alibi, and maybe his love told him something he didn't want to hear, "you don't need to be so honest". I picture him sort of breaking down and laughing sort of tragically at what his life has come to, falling down and cursing his legs in the anger derived from the end of his relationship. I think he then "tried so hard" to get over his past lover, but can't because she's the one, no one does it like her.
    forgetkindlyon October 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commentcome on guys. no one else thinks this song is about weed?
    "you don't need to breathe so easy"
    "i laughed so hard i fell down"
    "in the morning calm/you don't need to have an alibi"
    "no one does it like you" (nothing makes him so calm/happy)

    regardless of that, this song doesn't seem to be about a relationship to me.
    bromeostasison December 06, 2009   Link

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