"Sea Song" as written by and Lisa Margaret Hannigan....
There's one man, he's like
The wishful thinking in my life, I see so
And he's like the wine on the weekend
And though he is like the sea and it's right he be so
If I hold tight he'll wash over me

There's one girl I like she's a smile on a Monday
And she'll fight to stay so
And she's like the sun on the weekend
And though she is like the sea and she's right to be so
Still I like that she sails with me

Didn't we all break down
Didn't we all fake
Isn't it alright now
Didn't we all break out

There's one man so bright he blocks the light
And he'll always be so
He's like no sleep on the weekend
And though he is like the sea and he's right to be so
When I hold tight I sink down deep

Didn't we all break down
Didn't we all fake
Isn't it alright now
Didn't we all break out

And though we are like the sea and it's right we be so
We could chase tails all the years I've been given

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"Sea Song" as written by Lisa Margaret Hannigan


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    General Commentthis song grabbed my attention, the first time i heard it.
    lisa has such an amazing voice<3
    i love
    "didn't we all break down
    didn't we all fake
    isn't it alright now
    didn't we all break out"
    tynaaaon March 18, 2009   Link
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    General Commentmy favorite Lisa Hannigan song. I love the 2nd and 3rd verses. :)
    lettersx2youon May 01, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIs it about being bisexual or something like that? x
    TobyBartholomewon August 14, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationIn the latest existing interview with Damien Rice from very late 2009, there's a question put to him about this album, and whether he believes that any of the songs are directed at him. While it is wrong to always label Lisa as never being able to get away from Rice, it is so poignant in this song that it bears its entire meaning.

    Sea Song is, quite simply, about her relationship with Damien and the effects that they had on those around them.

    Up until the third verse, it is difficult to identify this, but when you hear "there's one man so bright he blocks the light", it's undeniable that this man is Damien - as it was described by him in his last interview, there was rarely any rest in the time that Lisa and Damien spent together; they were on tour together, they worked constantly together, they were with each other when they didn't need to be... This relates to the "he's like no sleep on the weekend" line, showing how they spent that much time together.

    The final, most impressing line is seen in "when I hold tight, I sink down deep", something that both singers have described their relationship as - something that brought down not only them, but those around him.

    In this song, Lisa seems to acknowledge that Damien was like this and that he won't change - we just hope that he understands this.
    Queenlingon May 21, 2010   Link

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