Weekend has come, I'll see you again.
Monday through Fri, I'll wait for the time with you.
And oh my love, I'll lay in your arms.
By kissing your lips, be no more away from you.
So that is the time, I'm working on me.
Forgot all the lonely nights with TV.
We think We'll be in love, my future I swear.
Now what we need, I'll come back again forever.

6 little eggs on the run
they fuck each other
three goes "boom dubi dom"
watch out be safe so
3 little eggs had sex
1 win and 2 explode
goes "boom dubi dom"
watch out be safe so
2 little eggs in the sun
one sleep too long goes boom boom
boom dubi dom
the story ends with 1 little egg was blind
make suicide with a pen bomb
boom dubi dom
another story come

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6 Little Eggs song meanings
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    General CommentIMHO, I think it's a simple dark song for clubbers about how your life and the lives of friends can change fast, so be safe. Simple and very general. A little dark but honest. Good beat too.

    Conceptually this song is like Ring Around The Rosy. It's short, whimsical and it has meaning.

    Eggs is a common term for young people or in context young adults.

    They have sex then "boom dubi dom". That sounds like a whimsical conclusion meaning something like "oops things changed". My impression is it's probably symbolic for a life changing event relating to sex. Further emphasized with the words "watch out be safe" This is a lot like how the phrase "They all fall down" is used in Ring Around The Rosy. This is a song about how all the "eggs" fall down.

    So what's happening in the song?

    * Words: 6 little eggs on the run
    Meaning: Young adults running around

    * Words: they fuck each other
    Meaning: sex, fighting, drugs, craziness

    * Words: three goes "boom dubi dom"
    Meaning: Arrested, Pregnant, Disease, other life changes

    * Words: watch out be safe so
    Meaning: This is a warning

    * Words: 3 little eggs had sex
    Meaning: sex, fighting, drugs, craziness

    * Words: 1 win and 2 explode, goes "boom dubi dom"
    Meaning: 2 were: Arrested, Pregnant, Disease, other life changes
    Win could mean life got better in some way or life stayed the same and didn't get worse.

    * Words: 2 little eggs in the sun, one sleep too long goes boom boom, boom dubi dom
    Meaning: Could be symbolic of overdose or addiction, probably explaining how those last two "eggs" lives "exploded".

    * Words: the story ends with 1 little egg was blind, make suicide with a pen bomb, boom dubi dom
    Meaning: Blind to happiness, "pen bomb" could mean she wrote a suicide note and suicided or "pen bomb" could mean she made a legal filing like divorce. If I was making a music video, I'd show show someone signing a legal paper and handing it in.

    * Words: another story come
    Meaning: There are a lot more new people out there and new stories, your story is one of them.

    This song makes me think of some friends I knew in college:

    * One couple had sex and oops, pregnant and boom dubi dom they married. Life changed.

    * Another guy had sex and thought the girl was on BC, boom dubi dom she had a kid and ran off with the child. He lost his life as a surfer dude.

    * One guy's wife ran off with the neighbor. Boom dubi dom, life changed.

    * Another guy lost a chunk of leg in an accident. Wife didn't like cripples. Boom dubi dom, life changed. Eventually they put him back together and boom dubi dom his life got better.

    * One guy I knew got all the girls then his arm almost torn off in adventure sport. Boom dubi dom, it slowed him down for a little while but he pushed though it.

    The point is, a lot of things can happen in life. You could make very long lists of all the good and bad things that can happen in life. But that wouldn't work for a short song, so the song writer was more metaphorical.

    steamcannonon July 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI can't even begin to try to interpret what these lyrics mean.
    crusher8576on March 15, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationThe meaning which I have always taken from this song is very similar to that of steamcannon -- very metaphorical, symbolic lyrics. To eludicate:

    The "eggs" in the song are, obviously, not actual eggs. Instead, the word is symbolic of young people who have not yet "hatched" into maturity -- physically or mentally.

    The song's storyline, in my own interpretation, has always followed this sort of plot:

    "Six little eggs on the run
    They fuck each other,
    Three goes boom dubi dum
    Watch out be safe so"

    Six young adults (little eggs) are out in the world, "running around" -- having a good time, partying, drinking, abusing, etc. Three are lost -- possibly sent to jail or rehab.

    "Three little eggs had sex
    One win and two explode
    Goes "boom dubi dum
    Watch out be safe so"

    Three of the eggs have sex -- a threesome, perhaps? -- and there is an "explosion" which I always interpreted to mean a break in birth control (or maybe none was used at all). Regardless, one of the eggs is now pregnant.

    "Two little eggs in the sun
    One sleep too long goes
    Boom boom boom dubi dum"

    Two of the original six eggs are left, and are "in the sun" -- drinking excessively or using drugs. One of the eggs "sleeps too long", most likely an overdose, and dies.

    "The story ends with one little egg was blind
    Makes suicide with a pen bomb
    Boom dubi dum
    Another story come"

    I always sing these lyrics as "makes story stick with pen" instead of the suicide part, because I think it sounds better. Only one of the original six "eggs" is left. His friends are all "lost" now -- to pregnancy, prison, drugs or alcohol. He is alone, "blinded" by loneliness. He decides to "make story stick with pen" -- to write about his experiences, to warn other "eggs" about the dangers of the darker side of living. This may be implying that the song itself was written by the last egg. The "boom dubi dum" part represents change -- he is no longer an egg, but has matured due to what he has witnessed and experienced.
    PuffinAardwolfon October 20, 2010   Link

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