You: Hello there!
Hi. What's your name?
I've seen you around here before, but you never quite look the same.
You're kind of hard to recognize sometimes, because I've never seen your face.

You: Well, hi there.
Nice to meet you. I'm the new guy.
I've been here for weeks, but I can't sleep.
I take a little of whatever I see.
I dreamt a news anchor took me away.
I've lost all my confidence in myself today.

You are on my radar, because I like you.
I am alone, I am the new kid.
No one here in this place knows about what I did.
In Phoenix, Arizona it's gotten so cold.
So come on back here, baby, be my overcoat.

I fell in love with my reflection, again.
I broke my mirror in hopes that it won't happen again.
I held my tongue.
I didn't run.
I didn't scream.
It was all a dream.

I stared at my face, what a pure disgrace.
I am scattering.
It was all a dream.

It was all a dream.

You: Hello there. You've made progress.

I'm just lonely and I'm just a friend.
I'm just a loner and I'm just new skin.
I'm a scapegoat and I draw white lies from red blood cells with cheap wine in them.
I take it all back: I'm an artifact.
I grow slowly because I'm a shoe in.
I fit loosely and I draw white lies with black lions in them and cheap ties.

You: hello there. You've made progress.

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The Newcomer of Seven Years song meanings
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    General Commentthe end of this song confuses me. what are black lions/artifacts?
    decipherreflectionson August 17, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti honestly think he may have cheated on maddie... if you look at his myspace profile.. she is no longer on his top friends or in his pictures.. or in the about me.. and the lyrics that say it was all just a dream points to the relationship and the fact that he is a "disgrace" may mean he may have hurt her...
    gabiixbearx3on August 24, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti believe its a story...
    it starts out with him meeting someone in this place he has just arrived. (possibly madi?)
    theyre the first person to meet him and make him feel welcome.
    "nice to meet you, im the new guy."
    as they talk more, he begins to fall for them.
    "you are on my radar, because i like you."
    i think hes talking about his past drug addiction and how ashamed he is of what he used to be, but now he can see what hes become and how much better he is.
    "i take a little of whatever i see."
    (drugs maybe?)
    "no one here in this place knows about what i did."
    he went through rehab, and now hes back and hes leaving his past in the past.
    "hello there. youve made progress."
    hoidgafon September 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commentgood interpretation.
    texasangston September 29, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti thought this was called "draw white lies from red blood cells (new skin)" anyways this song confuses me... i don't get the falling in love with his reflection part?? i like the way the end sounds though "i'm lonely and i'm just a friend..."
    jasssson July 07, 2009   Link

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