"One More Weekend" as written by William E Beckett Jr, Michael Carden, Michael Chislett and Andy Mrotek....
Somewhere hiding underneath
Kicking off covers while you sleep
Soon you're gonna leave, so leave us
One more weekend

You've got all the friends you need
Bad tattoos and worse IDs. You feel alive
Do you feel alive?

You'll go off, you'll forget
You'll grow out of hanging from the edges
Breaking off the past
You'll know when to move on
You'll know when to take all the right chances
Never looking back

Somewhere hiding underneath
Driving around these empty streets
Do you think you're better off dead
Better off dead than alive in here?
You've got all the friends you need
Bad tattoos and worse IDs. You feel alive
Do you feel alive?


How could you think the time we spent was all wasted
Sleepwalking through every morning that we took for granted?
Maybe the time we spent was not wasted...
Let it go, I'll let you go


We are half alone, out hearts are leaving home
Now we don't belong to anyone at all

Somewhere hiding underneath
Kicking off your covers while you sleep
You feel alive

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"One More Weekend" as written by Michael Carden Andy Mrotek

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    General Commentthis song is my favorite off the new album.

    the meaning to me is crystal clear because I lived it. it's about one of your friends going off (i asssume to college) and you and the rest of your friends being left back in the town. and it's just all about how you know that person has to break out of the town and go to college because that's life, and you're happy for them and know they will succeed but it still sucks. especially because, as the time passes, the memories you thought were great seem like time they wasted when they could have been having the fun they are now.
    lilyloveson September 11, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"You think the time we spent
    Was all wasted
    Sleepwalking through every morning
    We took for granted
    Maybe this time we spent
    Was all wasted
    We'll let it go
    I'll let you go"
    xalixoon August 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentoh, and it's BAD TATTOOS AND WORSE IDEAS
    devinxdisasteron August 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commentit sounds like its saying "bad tattoos and worse ID's."
    sowrongitsmorganon August 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think the question mark might be 'our hearts are leaving home' at least thats what i've seen other people enterperating it as, it could still be wrong of course.
    t3xt.s3xxxon August 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commentif all you have are "bad tattoos and worse IDs" to make you feel alive and young, you're trying too hard to force the feeling and it will eventually fade.
    the_crushon August 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commentits definatly bad tattoos and worse IDs.. as in a bad fake ID.. and i think this song is about wanting to feel older and doing everything to make it seem like you are but when you eventually do grow up you wish being young and a teenager never ended
    knobeson September 07, 2008   Link
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    General Commenterite i agree with lilyloves on pretty much every song...genius haha
    Dub2on September 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commenthaha thank you Dub2, I have disected the shit out of the album, you know a couple years after high school you start to look back and think about that stuff...:)
    lilyloveson September 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt is 'worse IDs'. That's what the cd booklet says...

    Anyway this song to me was different.
    I interpreted it. I took it as not realizing how great you have everything and not realizing how mush you're taking everything for granted. Your letting the bad things wheigh on you. The you'll go off, you'll forget was to me something that's is wheighing you down but its so small that someday you'll forget about it and it won't matter anymore. Its also about not realizing what you really need in life. Like the whole material shit. Thinking being cool & popular brings you happiness but its really friendship & love...

    That's what I got from it.
    Either way the song is amazing...
    Definately one of my fave on the album.
    dearkatieon October 02, 2008   Link

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