Everyone take back the rad world.
Join Jaguar Pirate!
Galleons made with whale tusk, sea wolf hooves, fight for the birdskull palace.
The beat wraps around your feet all over the street crude sketches of trees.
Everyone take back the rad world.
Join Jaguar Pirates!
Galleons sail a sea of vertigos, fight for the birdskull palace.
The beat booms bright on the beach the tides endless repeat singing songs to me.
"Are you broke?"
"Yes, I am broke!"
"Are you hungry?"
"Yes, I'm hungry!"
""Are you sleeping in a ditch filled with cellulite and concrete? Are you Rich?"
"Yes, I'm Rich!"
"Are you lonely?"
"Yes I'm lonely"
"Do you need another drink to get you through the work week? Are you sick?"
"Yes I'm sick!"
"Are you dirty?"
"Yes, I'm dirty!"
"Did they sell your generation to a credit card company? Are you Lost? Are you desperate? Do you see the tattered sails of the wild jaguar pirates?"
Everyone steal all you can hold.
Join the Jaguar Pirates!
Galleons forge a sea of mermaid bones. Sing for the birdskull palace. The beat grows like a disease and under the sea there is another sea.
Oh Children! Take back the rad world.
Join the Jaguar Pirates!
I dreamt we made a record in the Congo. I dreamt of Hitler reborn as a quiet crow. I dreamt of futures so exhilarating!
When I awoke the world began to sing "pray for death or money to free us from this life"

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    General CommentWhy does this song have no comments? It's awesome
    operateon March 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is pretty rad!
    I think it's pretty interesting and cool that the Johnny's lyrics have switched from more dark and depressing themes to more hopeful ones. Like here:

    This song is about hoping for a better future and instead of dreaming about it- join the revolution.
    "Oh Children! Take back the rad world." Children because they are the new generation that is untainted by the world today which many people "pray for death or money to free us from this life"
    Erriiieeeeon August 30, 2009   Link
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    General Commentyeah, agree with erriiee....it touches on the depressive, sad things...says "fuck it, theres more facing it than not...lets go"...i think its a good message...keeps overthinking the issues at a minimum
    derekjw203on January 03, 2010   Link

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