(paul) first word, excrement (em) exclaimate is that what you said? my next defense against these extra men who try ta step to me and wanna have sex again (paul) vasoline (em) little [faggots] i spray em with gasoline they try to jack me off with vasoline my ass is [?] i smash the spleen when i crash the scene (paul) cell phone (em) with a cell phone now who the hells home? yall can't tell paul how to throw me words (paul) aminal crackers (em) cause animal crackers is what i do when i eat m.c.'s like a cannibal backwards ha ha i got it that's not it fake rap has been spotted (paul) broken headphones (em) like broken headphones you head home you sped home you get your head flown rappers try to step they're speakin in dead tones so i ain't tryin to hear em give me another (paul) stretch armstrong (em) word to your mother stretch armstrong my brother coming with rhymes every time i be drumin runnin with a [?] i kick [?] in the stomach and star wars this cars its ours yo how many bars are we hit tonight? cause i'm off [coke?] (paul) peanut butter (em) off peanut butter you see my [dick] and start to stutter, start to utter words you shouldn't utter (paul) mark wahlberg (em) cause mark wahlberg is a small turd and i'ma step on him like dog [shit] 4/5ths of rappers just get off it i come across wit (paul) pulp fiction (em) with pulp fiction yo i eat you like a big gulp addiction ta slurpees got herpes got a hair piece yo plus my niece has got brain damage i'm dumber than brain madness there's mayonnaise on this i need a plain sandwich hurry up give me one rappers try to step to this static (paul) fresh vegetables (em) they wanna give me none (em) with fresh vegetables my testicles are hanging off to the left of you you're bisexual and their's a guy next to you standing rappers know that i be- (paul) preparation h (em) preparation h you didn't even let me finish my rhymes just shut up for one more time while i just shine on this microphone cause i'm gunna be honest any m.c. who try to step to this i'm makin a you a promise... that what? give me a word (paul) nostradamus (em) the nostradamus is blowing up your house killin your foster mamas and comin back to get your parents while i inherit these rhymes are 14 karot solid gold rappers try to step to me you get your wallet stoled (paul) time square (em) in time square i got blonde hair i'm higher than con air rappers don't wanna see me i'll butt[fuck] goldie hawn bare in a lawn chair cause i'm there (paul) kurt russell (em) with kurt russell sayin come here goldie you want my love muscle i know you want it i get blunted then i kick these freestyles just like [?] (paul) taxi cab (em) with a taxi cab i smack [?] with a maxi pad where are we going? don't ask me dad leave me alone i'm not trying to even hear you dad i hope you're [fuckin] dying [fuck] this porno mag yo did you see my ad? yo wait a minute did you see my ass? that's what i meant to say i meant to say a rhyme that goes this way is elementary for the century (paul) flamingos (em) slim shady is gunna be the illest what? flamingos? my mother goes out and plays bingo every single day at the bingo hall that's why my [dick] damn is single small didn't blow up just don't give a what? a kcuf? didn't blow up just don't give a what? a kcuf? didn't blow up (paul) d.t.'s fired (em) but d.t.'s fired he's retired he's not hired yo plus i'm tired of busted and spittin this rhyme non stop i'm on top takin records to the pawn shop stretch damn see my big ick? catch put a d in front of it rappers don't want none of it coming with a ton of [shit] to spill slim shady out i get ill with the skill baby aight baby slim shady kick 80 million rhymes till i'm older than grady spill gravy all over my damn navy blue avey ha ha ha ha ha

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    General Commentthis proves that eminem is the best rapper ever. if anyone is talented enough to freestyle a song like this, they are the best.
    sofa king coolon January 29, 2009   Link

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