So what, so what, so
this, that, the other
so what was once so
is now another
before the land came
after an ice-age
favorite songs grew from smokey young rock caves

so what, so what, so
now so what's found you
so what you say, but so what's around you
it's not that much so what you might say
but soon as you do, so what's in your way

and so what a chapter, and so what a sentence,
so what of time, so what of distance?
cambershell (?) calling, young leaves are falling
so what do coastlines wait on us stalling?
so what, so what, so what we are saying
so what of leaving, so what of staying?
evening is dawning, morning is daying
so what is back so what is replaying?
teeth are all growing in skulls of the afternoon
the skeletons in movie-rental shops know what they're going to do
the ligament was torn in football practice back in high school
the scar upon the shoulder is so shiny in the swimmingpool

this one, that one, yeah, so what's the difference?
so what of temperatures and sick-notes and permission slips?
so what does it all look like from out there where it's always night?
so what of the outer-space perfected from a satellite?
so what of the freeway, the blinker in the traffic jam?
the other girl says "so what" when her best friend comes home with a tan.
so what is the sound inside the mouth that has been mouthing it?
I record a song and someone says "so what, it sounds like shit."
so what is the distance in the feeling in the young deer legs that wake us in the wooded field,
so we rise and cook some eggs
the surface of her skin is being brushed by brush and weeds alike
the whole sky rests against you, it flies past you when you ride a bike, so what
so what
so what
so what

so what is the name, what is the sound for what is going on?
what is so what's game, why does so what so what now far and yon?
I must be to blame but I am just a pen that's rolling on
so what I am now is when the point hits paper then I'm gone
so what was the song that I wrote 3rd of june, 2003
so what in the morning like a playful kitten came to me
bright young eyes and pauses that
were different and the same to me
multi-level clauses, sentence, drapes and tones, untame to be
so what's walruses let's bring their bits and brand new bridals (?)
gallop through our meadows that we'll write in notebook titles
it is all for our singing, it is not for our survivial
writing, writing, writing, you were right- you wrote new bible (?)
so what, so what is still going like a vapor
lik the "look at what the light do" theme and other crimey capers
it will come again (so what)
in another pen (so what)
what they're living in, these singings
30,000 gods all winging
and the packages of temples that they sell at drugstores glow
I could get into a new one, a fine point with good flow
I could let go of the leashes, and let my dogs all go
and the leaves with all their creases looking down their eyes below

so what is this perspective?
it's a pinprick on forever
it's a sentence that is fading
such as time or wind or weather
it was never pulled apart and it was never put together
it was only as it was
it wasn't dumb, it wasn't clever

so what to make when everything will fall apart and vanish?
so what to take stock in?
whatever feels like an advantage
so what to lose or give?
so what to make of Adam's Rib?
so what to see? life lasts forever in the ways it did

and n n in the meantime so what is graces put upon me
in the tiny breathes of micy family joys on you
crumbs from heaven's table to the kitche floor are fallling
40 billion telephones from differnt walls all calling

trail of ants in warpaths march and then into the city
so what has been done, what is ugly, what is pretty?
so what is the bruised fruit in the dark and smelly basement?
so what is the moment that it calls for some replacement?
so what
so what
so what
so what
(so whaaaaaaaaa)
(so whaaaaaaaaa)

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