"Dead Memories" as written by Sidney George Wilson, Nathan Jonas Jordison, Paul Dedrick Gray, Christopher Michael Fehn, James Donald Root, Craig Alan Jones, Michael Shawn Crahan, Mickael Gordon Thomson and Corey Todd Taylor....
Sitting in the dark, I can't forget
Even now, I realize the time I'll never get
Another story of the bitter pills of fate
I can't go back again
I can't go back again

But you asked me to love you and I did
Traded my emotions for a contract to commit
And when I got away, I only got so far
The other me is dead
I hear his voice inside my head

We were never alive
And we won't be born again
But I'll never survive
With dead memories in my heart
Dead memories in my heart
Dead memories in my heart

You told me to love you, and I did
Tied my soul into a knot
And got me to submit
So when I got away,
I only kept my scars
The other me is gone
Now I don't know where I belong

We were never alive,
And we won't be born again
But I'll never survive
With dead memories in my heart
Dead memories in my heart
Dead memories in my heart
Dead memories in my heart

Dead visions in your name
Dead fingers in my veins
Dead memories in my heart

Dead memories in my heart
Dead memories in my heart
Dead memories in my heart

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"Dead Memories" as written by Christopher Fehn Chris Fehn

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    General CommentSo what i see this song as is a dude/chick about to kill himself/herself (the bitter pills of fate) because he/she got into a shitty relationship that he/she feels he/she cant get out of because he/she promised this person he/she would love her/him and even thought he/she doesn't anymore he/she feels like he/she would be breaking his/her promise by ending their relationship anyway hes/shes looking back on how he/she got to were he/she is today and his/her past self (the way he/she used to be) is telling him/her from deep inside that there is no hope for him/her and it has even forgotten that it ever existed (we were never alive and we wont be born again and we will never survive with dead memories in our head) the dead memories are feelings habits things that made him/her who he/she once was that he/she feels he/she can never bring back, (im not completely sure that the bitter pills of fate refers to suicide infact theres probably several differant meanings it could take on but if it douse then the person in this song isnt very bright i feel that there are certain circumstances that make suicide reasonable (please note there are very few and im not making any suggestions) but this is not one of them you can always go back to who you were mentally (not always physically) (note) please excuse the his/her thing i realize it might have gotten annoying and been unnecessary i just wanted 2 make it obvious that it could go both ways.
    Rocky5597on July 24, 2012   Link
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    General Commentlol yeah i get what you mean funkymonks11.
    I don't feel like overanalysing this song since i feel like a broken tape recorder.
    I reckon it's about him coming to terms with where the relationship or his past experiences have left him at present.
    I think he might be regreting some of the experiences/memories he's gone through and wishes he could go back in time to prevent the problems from even occuring.
    But i think he realises that he's a slave to both fate and time. either that or he can't control the aftermath/consequences of his actions and decisions in life in his own favour. life doesn't always work out the way you want it to in the end.

    "We were never alive, and we won’t be born again."
    this could be referring to a relationship thats gone bad. It's ended and won't be sparked up again.
    Or it could even be referring to the "other self", meaning the person he once was before the relationship. He was complete, an individual not needing to rely upon another until he committed himself to her, he let that bit of him die thinking he was a "changed man".
    Now he's left in the darkness once again and realises he can't go back to how he once was (living his life without her) and that part of him died the moment he let her into his life. His own independence removed since he probably became dependent on her to keep standing.

    snuff, dead memories, gehenna (maybe other songs?) seem to share similiar concepts.
    DreamersDiseaseon August 26, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me its about coming out the other side of a relationship feeling so broken you know you will never be the same again as long as you remember them. The memories rot and poison you like decaying meat.
    fucknameson July 05, 2017   Link
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    General CommentI agree, Didn't like it at first.
    But now it's one of my favourites in their discography.
    BlackX23on August 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt's about selling your soul and all you are for love or to be with a woman. *Hint the other me is dead.
    Nick2703on August 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentCory was on Squizz XM the other day doing Lockdown..and explained this song was about the person he once was, for the past 10 years of his life. He didn't mention a relationship and I really don't keep tabs on his personal life...BUT, that appears to be what he was talking about. He also mentioned that he purposely didn't scream at all throughout this song because "you don't need to scream to show emotion." I agree...this is one of my favorite songs.
    surge3on August 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti agree with surge3 cuz i heard on rockline when they were doing an interview that corey said this song is about saying goodbye to the last 10 years of his life. so i think this song is about trying to foregt the past and say goodbye to and forget past memories....and just forgetting who u used to be so u can focus on who u have become and r now. idk i might be wrong.
    vern93on August 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSome ppl are such fuckin' haters. Soon as someone says "it might be about religion", there's this kneejerk "fuck off retard" reaction. Ironically, alot of ppl who will knock religion for promoting intolerance mirror that trait in an equally extreme fashion.

    First of all, I don't think it is about religion b/c I doubt that Corey, in his adult life, ever was interested in being Christian. So I agree w/ the majority that say its about relationship(s) and letting go. His own brief expanations that have been quoted here also support that. But... alot of well written songs, like this lend themselves to multiple interpretations, which make it a "better", more powerful lyric, because it will speak to more ppl. Like the person who said it could be about addiction. That interpretation also fits.

    So, while it most probably was not the intent of its author, the following interpretation makes sense: "But you asked me to love you and I did. Traded my emotions for a contract to commit. And when I got away, I only got so far." That could very well be a person who bought into a religious program for a period of time, only to feel it didn't "work", and they left the faith. For example, in Christianity, you are asked to love Jesus. And you are asked do deny yourself ("trade in your emotions": the believer may fell he should stop chasing women, listening to certain kinds of music, going to bars, or any number of things). The "contract to commit" would be a self explnitory line from this type of interpretaion, as would the following line that I cut and pasted.

    "You told me to love you and I did. Tied my soul into a knot and got me to submit." More of the same, but note the use of the word "soul". I get the power of the word when talking about a girl you loved, but it does bring things into a spiritual dimension, even if that wasn't the specific intent.

    "We were never alive, and we won�t be born again." Come on now ppl, you're gonna give ppl shit for reading religion into the song when this line is in the song? Anyone who writes "we won�t be born again" as a lyric is deliberately messing with religious themes, even if only doing so to borrow from the power of words like those. Anyway, if it were about religion (again, it probably isn't) this would be a powerful line about deciding that one's previous religious commitment were futile.

    Now, haters: this interpretation doesn't suggest a positive view of religion! It mines the emotional power of the topic while relating a personal experience. The people who are writing "fuck off" when the topic comes up prove the point about its emotional power. Its this interpretation that made the lyric especially interesting to me, just as the drug interpretion did for that other person, and the (probably correct) relationship angle works for many.

    Anyway, great fuckin' song.

    Science4lifeon July 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWow...this reminds me of my friend so much...may he rest in peace...
    This was the first song he every showed me and the first Slipknot song I ever heard. and I fell in love with this song the first day I heard it. And now...I can't listen to it without without being emotionally drained, so many memories with my dear friend just listening to this :(
    "Even now, I realize the time I'll never get." My time with him is up now.
    purplesunnyskyon February 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentMy favourite part is...
    "You told me to love you and I did
    tied my soul into a knot and got me to submit."

    just the way he says it is so cool.

    anyone else think so? o.o
    sparkpluggson May 24, 2012   Link

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