Verse 1:
Never think me whack
If its poppin, I got your back
If its stolen, I got your back
If they're beefin, then we attack
Cause we ridin, and now in a position to define a mission and dreams
(Focuse the cameras over here on me, I'm speaking!)
I radiate a vibe thats kept many alive
While causin others to go outta they mind at the same time
I'm only human and doin what others do in life
Runnin a rat race, while tryin to fill a space
Fill the place with heads and let 'em hear my shit
Crowd dont lie, they let you know if its a hit or miss
Unless they hypocrits, you know, dependin on the weather
Be the outcome of 'em sayin your old shit is better
That's some cold shit, but I prepare for it to happen
Sometimes an upgrade and a drive will bring about a chain reaction
Evolution let em understand why I'm doing this
My style aint changed bitch! You need to mind your business and just

Take it for what it is
Take it for what it is (Just)
Take it for what it is
Take it for what it is (Just)
Take it for what it is
And focus, no big head, just focus
Get paid, get right
Your world, your life (Just)
Take it for what it is
Take it for what it is (Just)
Take it for what it is

Verse 2:
Never think me
If it's on, tell 'em bring it
If it's off, tell 'em bring it
Cause I came to get wicked
And I'm bobbin like a lunatic. You know how I am
Like the pale face offspring of another demension
I blend like camouflage and pose for cameras
I roll with an entourage of people that'll bury ya
And my stamina keeps gettin stronger with every page that I write
Puttin my weight on it, makin sure that it's skin tight
I'm only human and doin what others do in life
Extending the craft in an effort to make scratch
So what you're saying is I could never compete in an upset and diabetic music industry
I'm sweet like candy and painted like Dutch Boy
Stay afloat like raft while remainin self employed
This ain't no hobby I ain't never go away
And I'ma be here forever and a day (forever)

Chorus x1

Verse 3:
Never think me
Cause I'm flippin it like a script
And I'm spittin it from my lips
And I'm droppin it like some shit
Cause I'm feelin like fuck 'em all and I don't care what they think
You see I wait for them to slip and I attack when they blink
Because life is a struggle, and I'm caught in a web
I got a lot of bullshit floatin around in my head and I'm dead
I'm only human and doin what others do in life
Pushing a product to everyone who ain't got it
If you ain't ridin with this bump in your trunk then chances are
You're just a bitch or a punk with no nuts
And my cuts are razor sharp like a samurai sword
Ain't got no home court advantage but I'm watchin the score board
And it's us zip and them in the lead. The showdown, the Undergroudn vs. the Mainstream
And I'm 3 point from halfcourt with all net. And you can put that on the rent.

Chorus x2

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