Someday, but not today
We will move away
To a place that's nice and safe
Someday, but not today

Someday, is your King
And you look up to them, yeah,
Divine in their way
And you say, yeah you say
You better believe her
She gave you plenty warning!

Floating on a moat,
Yeah, you digging the most,
And you say, yeah you say,
Oh now, bring me joy,
Lead me with your army
You take our children,
With your bloodstained hands
You better believe her!
Alright, alright,

You got my love,
And that's fine

All night, all night
I swear to the highest high,
I will keep it mine
A promise with a catch,
I'm sleeping with a smile
And you're safe, but just today
You better believe me!

One night, when she goes blind,
Find her where she sleeps,
Wake her from her dreams
Shh, it's ok
She gave you plenty warning!

(We encourage you rethink
your preconceived notions,
question authority, and create
other methods for survival)

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Snake In The Grass song meanings
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    General Commenti don't really know what to say right now,

    but i do know that 'snake in the grass'

    is a term for lakota sioux native americans
    SaintHakon March 26, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song, told in the second person, is almost play-like in how it moves through events. What will be described is, as the song titles, a snake in the grass
    Someday, but not today,
    we will move away
    to a place that's nice and safe.
    Someday, but not today.
    -This is him (our main character) making a promise of safety to her (the love interest) in a time of despair and uncertainty caused by what will later be described in the song.-
    Someone, is your King,
    and you look up to them, yeah,
    divine in their way,
    -He is describing a love interest in her life, not himself directly, but someone left unknown to us. This could be him, or a love interest completely detached from our main character. This leaves two interpretations, neither more important than the other, but both important. This is where the song get's complicated and allows for separate meanings, although they branch back to the same conclusion. Firstly, he could very-well be describing her love for himself being divine in the way that he makes her feel safe. This divinity could be anything, however, leaving broad sweeping statements to rattle the imagination and leaving no certainty. So, in the simplest sense, he could be describing someone with the intent of keeping the person out of mind. Creating a sense of spite toward the person as being kept undescribed, and jealousy as she looks to them as her king. -
    and you say, yeah you say...
    You better believe her!
    She gave you plenty warning!
    - Here she goes on to say something, but her line gets abruptly cut off by what we'll describe as an entity, one warning of horrors to come. the entities words come in with a build up to a louder tone and at a slightly more rapid pace than the previous part of the verse. This creates a sense of urgency well met with the substance of the line, stating that she gave him warning that he should have believed.
    Floating on a moat.
    Yeah, you digging the moat,
    -Following the abrupt, short lived crisis, the love interest is described as floating on a moat. This creates the image of a dead body floating on a moat. The imagery is meant to foreshadow a later event. A moat being made to protect you, and you, digging the moat, have created it for your protection. Of course, him speaking directly to her, he's foreseeing that what she has built to protect her, she will lay dead in.-
    and you say. Yeah, you say,
    "Oh now, bring me joy.
    Lead me with your army.
    You take our children
    with your bloodstained hands."
    You better believe her!
    -And so she speaks, asking him to protect and be with her, and placing the weight of the burden of her life on him, describing it as innocent. "Oh now bring me joy. Lead and protect me. If I die, innocent as a child, you have not done so, and your hands are stained by blood." And you are reminded but the entity once again. "You'd better believe her."-
    Alright, alright,
    you got my love,
    and that's fine.
    -As the entity dictates for him to do, he believes her and caves to her desire of dependency. He promises her his love - to bring her joy. This falls back to the earlier line where she describes an unknown love interest. If she is indeed describing him, than she does so get what she wants from love unreturned, but if not, and he describes another, she has gained love unrewarded. -
    All night, all night,
    I swear to the highest high,
    I will keep it mine.
    -He promises to stay with her - to lead her with his army.-
    A promise with a catch,
    I'm sleeping with a smile,
    and you're safe, but just today.
    You better believe me!
    -He notes the catch to this promise, the variable that changes the outcome, her. She is the danger, and as she he sleeps, she's safe, and he brings her joy and leads her with his army as promised. -
    One night, when she goes blind,
    find her where she sleeps,
    wake her from her dreams,
    "Shh, it's ok."
    She gave you plenty warning!
    -But one night, she goes doesn't wake to see, and as he tried to wake her, and cries and pleads that it's okay, and realizes that, as the entity had stated, she gave him plenty of warning, and now his hands are stained by blood.-
    And so she dies, and he is left in shock, and defeated, as if she, or merely the situation flew to him from a known hiding place and bit with fury and pain, like a snake in the grass.
    imnotacopon April 15, 2015   Link

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