"The Test" as written by William E Beckett Jr, Michael Carden, Michael Chislett, Andy Mrotek, David Katz and Sam Hollander....
Look like a lush. Talk like a tease
The way you like it
In front of your house, alone on the street
You ask me to come inside
Asleep through all our classes
You hang me out to dry

If this is a test
I?m losing my shit
Would it kill you to care
As much as I did?
If this is a test
I'm wasting my breath
You're a stranger I know well
And not at all

Heart on a hook thrown out to the sea
Your basement busy
Sitting in the dark, I turn the radio off for a
Phone call you'll likely miss
Wake me when it's over
The last sound of goodbye

Let's imagine the end before we even begin
You said

You're a stranger I know well, and not at all

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"The Test" as written by David Katz Andy Mrotek

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    General Comment"you're a stranger i know well, and not at all"
    amazing line.

    i think this song is about finding something out about someone you thought you know so well. a friend, or girlfriend.
    but then there's the underlying sexual themes, as well.
    so im not so suree
    xXdevinXcoreXxon August 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is an amazing song, my favorite from the new album I think. To me, it's about a relationship that's slowly falling apart. She's lost interest or is cheating and he's finding that he just doesn't know her like he thought he did.
    angelsnlullabieson August 17, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti first heard this song at a time when it instantly made sense to me and explained to me what i was going through when i couldn't figure it out for myself.

    "if this is test
    i'm losing my shit...
    ...if this is a test
    i'm wasting my breath"

    if this isn't the end of the relationship, but just a really low point, there is no reason to freak out and lose hope, but you never really know if that's the case or not until it's over.

    "you're a stranger i know well, and not at all."

    you realize you're having all of these complicated feelings for someone that in reality, you don't know very well at all, but feel as if you do because of all that you feel for them.
    the_crushon August 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is reaaaally good XD

    idk I think it sounds more about a girl who's stringing him along in a relationship, playing him even, and he's getting tired of it; thinking that the relationship might have been a waste of time, and that they were never really that close.
    princessKATIEon August 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTo me this sounds like one of those relationships where you build someone up to be so amazing, you lose sight of who they are, and never really quite discover it. So when it starts to fall apart, you really want to keep it together, but at the same time you are realizing you don't know anything about this person, and have nothing in common except each other.
    lilyloveson September 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti agree with lilyloves, this album is about high school obviously...it makes me think of shit like that in my life when i was in high school, its weird and awesome at the same time...cuz things are so diff now...
    Dub2on September 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commentalso, could be about a relationship that ended..and both sides are too bitter to talk to the other...they dont wanna give in...maybe
    Dub2on September 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSounds like something I can relate to... It seems like two people are interested in each other, but they don't know much about each other.

    "Look like a lush/But talk like a tease/The way you like it/In front of your house
    Alone on the street/You ask me to come inside/Asleep through all our classes/You hang me out to dry"
    Yeah, to me this has an underlying sexual theme... maybe they hooked up.

    "If this is a test/I'm losing my shit/Would it kill you to care/As much as I did?
    Maybe the girl is playing games with him... it's driving him nuts. The guy cares and likes the girl a lot, but the girl is confusing him. Maybe she isn't showing much affection.

    If this is a test/I'm wasting my breath/You're a stranger I know well/And not at all"
    He thinks that he's wasting his breath because the relationship isn't really stable, he doesn't want to play games so maybe he's thinking of just ending it & moving on. The whole stranger line tells that maybe he knows her in an intimate way, because they hooked up... but he doesn't know her "at all" because they don't know each other that well or they don't relate mentally.

    The linee-"you're a stranger i know well, but not at all" can also mean that maybe this new girl reminds him of an ex-girlfriend in the past.

    "Heart on a hook/Thrown out to the sea/Your basement busy
    Sitting in the dark/I turn the radio off for a/Phone call you'll likely miss
    Wake me when it's over/The last sound of goodbye"
    I don't really get the rest of this... "heart on a hook, thrown out to sea", maybe the guy is still feeling like he doesn't really have her since she doesn't know what she wants... his heart is out in the sea instead of her taking it.

    "Well, let's imagine the end before we even begin," you said.
    AH! Favorite line... maybe she doesn't want to keep the relationship going or start going out with the guy because she doesn't think it will work out in the future. She's telling the guy to look at the ending, they're doomed, and that they should just end it now before it gets worse.

    apraisechoruson November 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWOULD IT KILL YOU TO CARE

    that's the shit.
    thrwmyhrtawy.on December 24, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationJust about the narrator character having a girlfriend he loves who doesn't seem to care about him, or he really likes her and she's kinda leading him on to make him think she feels the same way, but does that with a ton of other guys.
    Bownon January 07, 2009   Link

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