"Sorry?!" as written by M George and Michael Muir....
Seems like such a long time ago, but I don't know if I'm ever gonna let
her go. I remember the first time that I met her, I knew she was the
one. There couldn't be anybody better.
Well, I was lost when I looked in her eyes
Well those eyes, those eyes, they made me realize...
Sorry...I didn't know what was to be
Sorry...I could not see
Sorry...Lord how could this be
Sorry...It's raining down on me
Well, I know it sounds crazy to say. But, in everything I do, I think
about that day. Last time I talked to her was on the telephone. She
said I know it's been a while, but I don't feel like being alone. I
slammed down the phone on the last thing I'd hear her say. Now it's
getting harder to live with it every day and I pray, I pray that you
can hear me say
Sorry...I could not see
Sorry...It don't seem fair to me
Sorry...Lord, how could this be
Sorry...It's raining right down on me
Not a day goes by when I do not sit and wonder why this had to be. It
don't seem fair to me. No no, it don't seem fair to me. The more I wish
and pray, the more it seems I waste away. But it would mean oh so much
if I could just reach out and our hands would touch and if I'd just
go back again and do it all over it'd have a happy end.
I know exactly the way I would start. I'd send her a letter straight from
my heart. It doesn't seem fair, why can't I forgive. She was so strung out,
she didn't even have a chance to live and it's oh so hard to forgive.
Sometimes people think I don't know what to say because I'm looking
out in space, but inside I'm praying and I pray, I pray, I pray, pray,
pray and then I think about the day she died. About that night and
in the morning. I cry cry cry and I try, I try to understand
Sorry...I didn't know what was to be
Sorry...It don't seem fair to me
Sorry...Lord I'll always be
Sorry...She died but it's killing me
Wondering about that time when it'll be my day
And I wonder what I'll do and what she'll say and if I'll have the
courage to stay
And I'll start by looking her straight
in the eye and telling her that I'm Sorry

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    My OpinionAmazing song. Can't believe there are no comments on it. One of my favorite ST songs
    BobbyjointRitualon December 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI highly agree Bobby. This is off my favorite ST album, How will I Laugh Tomorrow when I can't even smile today?

    The song is most likely about a a relationship between the singer and a girl. Something happened between the 2, and she deserted him. She tries to get back to him after her plan falls out, and he, being angry of her leaving him, refuses to listen to her. Then the girl dies, and he feels sorry for not being able to be with her.

    It's almost sarcastic the title is. I feel the Sorry?! part is more aimed at her trying to get back with him, and when she dies, he realized that although she treated him like crap, they did need each other.
    ST is really deep.
    epicmikenomoreon July 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe end of this song is:

    Wonderin' about that time, when it'll be my day
    And I wonder what I'll see or what she'll be, and if I'll have the courage to stay
    And I lost so much sleep thinkin' out of my head, wonderin' if I'll be
    Strong enough to look her straight in the eye, and tell her that I'm Sorry!?
    joeydagoonon December 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFor me this IS the best ST tune.

    Anyway, he meets 'the one', and knows it, but she leaves him, possibly taking him for granted, and he is understandably distressed, but when she realises he is gone, tries to patch it up, he slams the phone down, as he can't cope with the pain anymore, and she commits suicide - something that he ponders 24/7, with deep regret and sorrow.

    In the end he is forced to consider his own mortality, and what he might say, or do, if he could see her one more time.
    ErikOon April 17, 2012   Link

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