What is this strange blaze in the Western sky
Confusingly recalling an endless cry,
Echoing weakly throughout the horizon,
Flying blindly to an hazardous destination?

Night and day it stands fiercely there
In such a pernicious and piercing glare,
Holding its terrible secret for itself
And ignoring the pitiful, plaintive prayers.

Few are those who seem to see it
And yet the reflection in their eyes
Wakes in the beholder such disgrace to commit
Unavowable tragedies, mother of any demise.

What is this gangrene cankering above our heads
Slowly waking in us all the denied dreads
Buried and chained deeply within our breasts
Sworn to be forgotten, but alas in vain manifests?

Is this just a human extension,
A part of ourselves thrown in the outside
Or is it, implying great tension,
An exterior object we can only try to abide?

Should our dreaded nightmares have become flesh
And suffocate us in their rotting stench?

Could it be that the filth dishes we kept leaving behind us, for our children to finish because human feces weren’t to our taste but probably to theirs, because yes they must love our shit and swallow it with delight; could those denied full plates of wet muddy crap one day decide to rebel against their left and forgotten state and throw themselves within our tyrannically bourgeois mouths?

Well yes, this is what is happening
Like the newborn child the mother gives birth to:
The extension of her flesh suddenly becoming
A free identity; no more one but two.
And when the child loses ingenuousness,
And in the womb and sting sees no more love,
Not vanished, but never enclosed! Disdainfulness!
Iron spikes grow from the just fallen doves.

Falling on the knees,
Infected with a sudden disease;
Those foreign hands around their neck
Leaving the body lifeless, a sunken wreck.
Falling on the knees,
Infected with a sudden disease:
The fecal rebellion.
The roarstorm of the lion.

Lyrics submitted by Frances-The-Tool

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    My InterpretationAlright. Let me first say that these lyrics are fucking unbelievably good. This song is the work of a genius, in every way.

    As for the meaning, it's... it's what the title says. The rebellion of the fecal matter. That's really all it is.

    The point, I believe, if you could say that, is that such a ridiculous concept is executed with so much grace, as if it was about the war that ended humanity.

    Buried and chained deeply within our breasts
    Sworn to be forgotten, but alas in vain manifests?

    I mean... just... look at this, and then think of what it means.

    I don't know what the blaze is meant to represent. Sort of the point where it began, I guess.

    What I really get out of this is madness, and unbelievable anger and energy that has no target. That is what seems to be the inspiration for the track, and what I feel when I listen to the rant near the end (third last paragraph). The album has misanthropy written all over it, and Vladimir is clearly the kind of guy that is way too nice for this hostile world and uses his music as a vessel for his otherwise unspoken emotions. In many cases there is a clear message, here he just wanted to create something utterly insane.
    silverspawnon April 13, 2016   Link

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