i tried to fall in it again
my friends took bets and disappeared
they mime their sighing violins
i think i'll wait another year

i want my chest pressed to your chest
my nervous systems interfere
ten or eleven months have passed
i think i'll wait another year

this weather turns my tricks to rust
i am a lousy engineer
the winter makes things hard enough
i think i'll wait another year

plus i'm only twenty-six years old
my grandma died at eighty-three
that's lots of time if i don't smoke
i think i'll wait another year

i'm not as callous as you think
i barely breath when you are near
it's not as bad when i don't drink
i think i'll wait another year

i have my new bill hicks cd
i have my friends and my career
i'm getting smaller by degrees
you said you'd help me disappear

but that could take forever
i think i'll wait another year
it'll be the best year ever
i think i'll wait another year
can't we just wait together
you bring the smokes, i'll bring the beer
i think i'll wait another year

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Another Year: A Short History of Almost Something song meanings
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    General CommentWhereas I see the whole 'afraid of romantic commitment' as a definite underlying meaning, I feel that the more obvious meaning she wants you to see is suicide. Amanda likes to make ambiguous songs, with obvious meanings and then underlying ones. As many of you have already pointed out, the underlying meaning to this one is probably Amanda's fear of letting herself fall in love. This is obvious in lines like: “I tried to fall in it again”, “I want my chest pressed to your chest, my nervous systems interfere”, “I'm not as callous as you think, I barely breath when you are near”, and “Can't we just wait together”. She is obviously afraid of getting hurt. She wants to be with someone, but ‘her nervous systems interfere’. In other words, her past failures keep her from putting herself out there. Her friends no longer try to get her to open up, because they know it’s pointless. She comforts herself with cigarettes and alcohol, even though she knows she is better off without them. She also argues that she has plenty of time left to find someone, so it’s okay if she just waits ‘another year’. The only problem with that is that one year tends to turn itself into many.

    The more obvious meaning, however, is about someone who keeps putting off killing themselves. Secretly they hope that their life will magically get better and the won't have to do it. Personally, I like the 2004 version a bit better because it leans more heavily towards this interpretation. In the 2004 version she says, "I'll find a coward just like me and we'll help each other disappear". This could be like a suicide pact. Sometimes people don't have the nerve to kill themselves alone, so they find someone to make 'pact' with so they are less likely to chicken out. Also, "a few more fake surrenders" seems like a reference to failed suicide attempts, like slitting your wrists or ODing on Tylenol. You know that probably isn't going to work, but you fool yourself into thinking that it will because you don't want to actually do something that has a guarantee fatality, because you don't REALLY want to die. One of the lines she replaces these lines with, "I'm getting smaller by degrees", also seems to be about suicide in that she feels herself slowly drifting away from her life and getting closer to death. As LadyGrey88 already pointed out, "My friends took bets and disappeared, they mime their sighing violins" is talking about how her friends mock her for her depression and suicidal tendencies. They take bets on how long it will take her to kill herself, or possibly when she'll give up the act and take back her life. I feel the first line, "I tried to fall in it again", could be a reference to an attempted suicide by drowning, but is more likely about her falling back into old habits of drinking or depression. "The winter makes things hard enough", is probably a nod to how a lot of people to kill themselves during the winter, because it tends to brings on depression. Runs in the Family also references this in the line, "My friend has problems with winter and autumn". She rationalizes that she has plenty of time left to kill herself and there is no big rush, so she just smokes and drinks her time away instead of getting up and doing something to better her life. The Point of it All also seems to reflect this theme of willing stagnation, whether in love, life, or death.
    HalfJack483on December 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about CHOOSING not to get over a broken heart just yet. I feel like her friends are getting a little fed up that she's still broken up about it after a year "they mime their sighing violins". It seems to me like she's so heartbroken over the loss of a relationship that she's just not ready to let it go. "I want my chest pressed to your chest / ten or elven months have passed / think I'll wait another year" is almost like "I want this so keenly even after all this time that I'm going to give myself another year to grieve for it". She realises that in the grand scheme of things a year isn't a long time to wait when she's 26 and could live to 83. The last verse especially makes me think it's what the song is about. It's almost saying "so I choose to still yearn for you for another year - how about you join me, being some beer and smokes and it'll be the best year ever".
    ephteeon November 08, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI don't really see how this is about smoking. I mean, the smoking reference midway through the song is just saying that she'll live a good long time, if she doesn't smoke. The point of the songs seems to me to be that she's waiting and trying to build the courage to confront someone she loves with the fact that she cares about them. It's Amanda perhaps resigning herself to not having that courage, and trying to enjoy herself in spite of not being able to confront them ("can't we just wait together/you bring the smokes, I'll bring the beer"). An absolutely beautiful song.
    Veiton September 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song reminds me slightly of "Mad World" (a song the Dolls covered!), in the way I was told by a friend that if she offed herself she would use "Mad World" as a backdrop. I take "Another Year" as a non-suicide song...putting it off for her own good. Well, the two songs do have contradictory "messages"...

    I've seen a few cases where people have tried to "dissappear" from public view, or just the internet. This would be a withdrawal song for such occasions.
    sheela_lon September 16, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti am positive this song is about her waiting another year to kill herself.
    WindyKunon September 19, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"that's lots of time if i don't smoke"
    "it's not as bad when i don't drink"

    and she goes on to say

    "you bring the smokes, i'll bring the beer"

    With that, and the change, she's definetly making some sort of realization in the last verse - maybe that things will never change, and she should just enjoy the time they have together,waiting forever...
    73on October 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis reminds me of T.S eliots 'love song of j alfred Prufrock' in that the characters are paralyzed...unable to love or be loved. Eliots constant reassurance that 'there will be time' is echoed in the song when amanda makes references to how long she has to live ...

    plus i'm only twenty-six years old
    my grandma died at eighty-three
    that's lots of time if i don't smoke
    i think i'll wait another year

    i dont think the end is a realization as much as its reality hitting her. unable to tell the person she loves and preoccupied with waiting and waiting she shows some kind of vulnerability in the almost practical question 'can't we just wait together?'

    to me 'you bring the smokes i'll bring the beer' is her acknowledging how much better her life woul dbe if she engaged in these bahaviors with this person, rather than living a long, solitary life.
    madison21on October 25, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningOkay so I as at her show and there was the session at the end. the "Ask Amanda" session. lol someone had asked what this song was about.
    It was about how she just got out of a bad relationship and how she is kind of afraid to go back out there and put her love on the line again and again. And then she went into this amazing rant about love and how you dont need it all the time. she said these quotes that i thought were just amazing!
    "I love you forever... now."
    "Im great without you but Im better with you"

    but yes. its an amazing song and I almost want to break down whenever i hear it. The piano at the begining is beautiful and its very well written. =D
    MorganULookLikeHellon January 16, 2009   Link
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    General Commentit would be seen as a depressing/suicidal song because of the "i think i'll wait another year" line, which suggests she'll give life one more shot for just one more year. she lists these very shallow, flimsy reasons of why she shouldn't die, without sounding very enthusiastic about it.

    twin peaks
    bill hicks cd
    "i have my friends and my career
    i'm getting smaller by degrees
    you said you'd help me disappear"

    she already established that her friends don't think much of her ("mime their sighing violins"), thus this whole song is basically saying "i'll wait another year to see how things work out--if they don't, i'll do it." it being suicide.

    that's how i've always heard this song.
    alrauneon October 14, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI hate to burst everyone's bubble... but Amanda is quite un-suicidal...

    "I tried to fall in it again" "it" is love. And her friends bet on whether it would work out and then faked sympathy when it didn't.

    The lines "I want your chest pressed to my chest / my nervous systems interfere" are pretty telling. This song is about wanting someone, but not being able to work up the courage to do it. It's a very vulnerable place. Rather than a fear of talking to them though, I think it's a fear of letting someone in. She tries to focus on everything else she has, and how much time she has left, but she knows it's dwindling and she wants something more.

    There may be a specific person in mind, she seems to be asking him/her to wait another year with her before she commits, etc. It's heartbreaking because it seems to be a repeating cycle with her in the song.
    Karma policemanon February 27, 2010   Link

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